chris tomlin

chris tomlin


The hubs and I attended Chris Tomlin this spring! It was a blast! I had an iphone on one holster and my DSLR on the other.


It was a blast! IMG_8747

It was called the Burning Lights Tour. DSC_5785_1

A guy not afraid to worship. I like that.  DSC_5793_1

I love this smiley guitar player! DSC_5777_1

And Chris Tomlin.......he is super smiley! I LOVE smiley people. LOVE THEM!!!!  DSC_5764_1

Just rappin.DSC_5760_1

Here's me and the hubs. This is what we look like when we get a night off from parenting toddlers!

 Some day our kids are going to divorce us for this picture.




Some bokeh lights.





Look at that smiler! This guy could not stop smiling. This is what happens when you know whose you are! DSC_5800_1

The shoes were pretty whack. I'm getting Derrick some. DSC_5811_1

The KFNW crew getting things kicked off earlier in the night. DSC_5746_1

This is my home-girl, Marilee. She gave us these sweet tickets!


The concert ended with a bunch of gigantic bouncy balls flying around. I think we should take life a little more like this.


So, there you have it! That was my take on the Chris Tomlin concert! An awesome night for sure !

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