How to do a fun project with your kids.

I have a fun DIY kids project for you! But let me be clear about something first. I am a DIY wannabe. I am not a DIYer, per se. I do like the idea of doing many, many, endless Pinterest DIY projects. Pinterest makes projects  APPEAR very, very simple.  That is, if you do them my way. I just pin them. And that's it! A pinned project is as good as done in my book. Ok, maybe not quite. But, for the most part, that is what I do with my pins. Just pin them.

Now, that's not to say that I haven't  branched out and done a few here and there.  Because I have. And I have to say, I really have enjoyed them. Be clear. I ALWAYS choose the really, no ReHeeeeley easy ones. Because I'm like a Kindergartener when it comes to this stuff. So, if you are coming here to see amazing home DIY projects and how-tos and my Pinterest-like home, you got yourself another thing coming. I would love LOVE to be doing more projects, but there are like dishes and butts to wipe and Uno games to play and splashpads to be had and cups of coffee to be made and do I need to keep going? The Pinterest "to do list" gets the short end of the stick.

Now that being said......I will be sharing random DIYs on the blog that have been easy enough for me and thus probably a cake-walk for you. Most, if not all, I have found on Pinterst or some other blog so don't even begin to think you are going to start giving me credit or saying dumb things in your head like "ohhhh, Shannon is such a fun mom, she always does fun things with her kids.... I don't do that stuff like that....I could never let them play and bathe in flour.......or whatever dumb thoughts we moms start thinking when another mom posts something cool. Just don't even go there. Comparison with other moms is like a venom that will poison your blood. Just love who you are and don't even for a second think that I am some supermom who gets it all done. The truth is, I can barely plan a meal and I yell at my kids sometimes and my toenails are disgusting. Anyways, that's my mini-soapbox for the day. You're welcome!

So, today I have a neat-o, fun idea for you and your kids! You have probably already all done this like eons ago and you are all like, "oh shannon....that project was so 2011....." ha ha! Well, we actually did this a little over a year ago and I have to's so fun to pull up these old photos of the boys! So all you need is a few things. (that's how I roll with almost all my recipes....crafts and meals alike) : baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Seriously! How easy is that. Most of you ALREADY have all this stuff in your cupboards. The only thing you don't have in your cupboards is this guy.


But, rest assured, if he lived at your house, you could actually find him in one of your cupboards. Again, for another blog post. Anyway, you get the point. You need a toddler for this project. And if you just want to do it for fun with yourself, then that's ok too. I don't judge. I have actually really been enjoying coloring and art time at our house these days. Just today, when Derrick walked in and saw my polka dot paper that I was creating he just got this really strange and confused look on his face. So, go for it!


So, there really aren't directions for this. But if you really need them.....I actually did....ha ha they are.

  1. Pour vinegar in some little cups. We used little plastic cups I got at Walmart.
  2. Add desired food coloring colors.
  3. Pour baking soda in a shallow dish. Any dish will do. We used our baking pans. {Crust from an earlier casserole was on the bottom of pans and has been covered by the baking soda-you're welcome}
  4. Then take a little siphoner/syringe thingy and suck up the vinegar and show them how to put it in the baking soda, making their own little colorful creations. (the syringe thingy we had came in our science kit and is actually called a pipette in case you have no clue what I'm talking about).
  5. Then enjoy watching them create!


DSC_4007 DSC_4006

My kids seriously LOVE this activity and can do it for a very long time. I buy vinegar and baking soda in vats! They love it!
  Happy kids = happy mom!
DSC_4044There you go! Now go have fun!
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