Family Photography / by Shannon Heick

This family is one of my favorites to photograph. The dad in these photos, and I, well we are pretty tight. Like, let's just say that one time, we got into a fight about who got to play Sonic the Hedgehog first. And as retaliation for me not getting to play, I hung his underware all over his room when he was gone. Later, as retaliation to me, he and his sidekick, Jason, took my Bart Simpson doll and hung him from a noose down our huge, gigantic flight of stairs. I was devastated. Until I scratched their top layer of arm skin off later that day. (Hey, don't judge me, if you have ever been a little sister to two big would not be raising your eyebrow as much as nodding your head in agreement). :) Fast forward a lot of years and I am so blessed to live within a couple minutes drive from my brother and his family. Aaron is always making our family laugh!  And, I could write a huge essay about his amazing wife, Valerie. This girl knows hospitality. She can whip together meals for large groups, on the spot, with twine and pizza sauce. And don't even ask me how it works out but it's always good. I love them all and I can't even start writing about these kids because I will turn into a blubbering mess, start snorting and dripping snot everywhere and won't be able to function for the rest of the day due to my awe of my great blessings in this life. Those darn kids just get me every time. Instead, let's just turn to the photos. Of those whom I love.