The Lake weekends.

The Lake weekends.


A little bit of our memories from the Lake this summer! We are so blessed to have this little getaway that Grandpa works so hard on for all of us to enjoy!


Here is Grandpa circled on the right! THANK YOU Grandpa!!!!!!!! (i also had to point out my hubby......isn't he adorable!?)



OH My! How precious is this?!  DSC_6242  And this! :)DSC_8334 There he is again. Turnin' my crank, all the dang day long. DSC_8363



 Peace. IMG_9808

 The six.DSC_8420

I spent a little time stalking this little glory-creature.  DSC_8380  DSC_8384

If you need to's one. :)


A few more memories.

fourthfunJust can't get over this girl and her curls.

   DSC_8411Untitled-1    My three. I am totally unable to grasp the extent of my blessed-ness. DSC_8441  DSC_8447  DSC_8445

Sweet memories.


See all your life as an explosion of blessing. Every last inch of it.

And let everything that has breath. Praise the Lord!


See you soon!
I found God.....on the corner of 12th and 32nd.

I found God.....on the corner of 12th and 32nd.

Family Reunion Photography

Family Reunion Photography