I found God.....on the corner of 12th and 32nd.

I found God.....on the corner of 12th and 32nd.


Last night, I needed to take Chase in to try on glasses. This boy is going to be so darn adorable in glasses. Think that little kid from Jerry McGuire...but cuter. Chase will wear those things with style. I know it! We trucked down the 3 floors of stairs (Arseneal Hall whoomp it with me if you love apartment life!) and pushed open the door to the sidewalk. I was stopped in my tracks to see this. I said, Chase......look at those amazing clouds! God's giving us a really pretty picture right now. And like I stated on FB, via Instagram...."I just knew deep in my gut that God had something really special coming".



I just knew something else was coming. Something even better. So, I smiled, grabbed his hand and we went on our way.

We strolled our way to daddy's car, after a short visit with some apartment neighbors, and got buckled in. The radio pumping Mandesa and windows down, it was a pretty stellar night to go try on glasses. We did our usual "mommy/boy" date driving discussions about the day  and rolled on into town. We pulled up to the eye mart and noticed all the lights were off.  It was closed. We missed it by 15 minutes. So, there went that idea. But for every failed attempt there is always a way for a mom to redeem herself. And by redeem herself, I mean go to the mall instead. Because a mall with one kid is a tad bit easier than the mall with three. And because sometimes a mom needs a new bra.

So we took care of the bra and then it was time to be homebound. We galloped out of the mall, piggy back style, and headed to the car. Out the double doors, across the walkway and toward the car, it grabbed my eye.  That "something special" started to be revealed. Like, we all love a great sunset right? There is something just enthralling about them.  Your eyes have a hard time  looking away from them, right? Have you ever heard anyone say, "the thing I hate the most in this world are beautiful sunsets....it just ruins my entire night". I'm sure someone HAS actually said this, but, I doubt they really mean it.

Sunsets are so beautiful, so peaceful, so hopeful, so restful, so mysterious and yet, so revealing. SOOOOOO revealing.

So this thing just grabbed me. In a way that Chase and I were ohhhhing and ahhhhing and talking it about it all the way home. It was very different from this when we left the mall and headed west toward home. The 7-8 minute drive was just unlike any other. Just watching it move and change and work its way around and through the moon. By the time I took this photo, we were almost home. This shot doesn't even begin to show the vastness of this experience.

IMG_0938   So, it was so endearing that I had to follow it. I kept going past our turn, out-of-town, beyond the blacktop and found this little side road. I wanted to get the ugly wires and posts out of my shot. And I wanted to get closer to it and try to capture the vastness. For which I failed miserably. This shot was looking southward. IMG_0939  Then I turned my iphone to the west. The moon. The sunset. The iPhone doesn't even begin to do this justice. IMG_0940

Chase and I sat and watched it for a tiny bit.....it unfolded even more, revealing more of its layers. The darker it got, the prettier and deeper it got.


It was almost as if God was saying something to the world or to me or to you. Perhaps something about darkness and His light? I really have no clue. All I know was it was something. Perhaps he is saying, "surely this world has it's dark spaces, it has it's dark places, but I outshine them all."  Or maybe He is saying something like, "In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world." Jesus actually shared that one with us all. Maybe God needs to reinforce this for us through a sunset? Maybe he is saying" no matter how dark it gets, or how hard it gets, no matter how tired you become, how overwhelmed you feel, or how long the wait becomes........keep looking for Me, keep finding Me, everywhere. This is the only place in time and space where darkness can be completely overshadowed. That is, the place where you find Him.

Tonight, I found God in the sunset.

Have you seen evidence of Him lately? If so, tell me where!!!! Yay! Yay! I can't wait to hear! :)

Wedding photos.

Wedding photos.

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The Lake weekends.