What We Be Doing

What We Be Doing

I'm a tad bit behind again on posting/blogging. It just happens. I get too busy living and chasing speedy kids and waiting for toddlers who think they should walk the speed of a turtle- INCESSANTLY! and just don't get enough time squeezed in there to blog about it. I am super pumped someday to print my blog into books for the kids! I'm sure the books won't be perfect and tidy and all chronological, but they will be us. And I'm ok with that. Life is not perfect. It is messy and it's all about seeing through the mess. So, with that, I give you an old draft of a blog that I meant to post like 2 months ago. Just some random photos and moments that just made my day.  

Like this little kid, turning into his daddy.


I'm pretty sure this photo is AWESOME! IMG_0984  This boy, he just makes me so proud, all the dang day long. IMG_0982  This made me laugh. My niece likes to take my phone and make fun little notes/photos and leave them on my phone for me to find. IMG_0951

Late summer days, just training for Ninja Kid Warrior. IMG_0945 The Lord has blessed me with an awesome group of friends. We are all in this stage of life together. One day, we descended upon Cherry Berry. It was mass pandemonium. The young teenage workers there were horrified at us moms. All us moms just sat there and basically ignored the craziness, unless there was immediate threat of harm. There wasn't. The store was empty of any other patrons so we knew it was legit. I'm pretty sure the teenage girls had a total of zero toddlers that they have raised. Between us moms, I would say we have a grand total of about 23, give or take a few. So, we kinda know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. It's so fun to be a laid back parent! IMG_0923  The chaos doesn't stop at Cherry Berry my friends. Three boys in a teeny, tiny apartment. Need I say more? IMG_1014 IMG_1013  This might be a new favorite of mine!  IMG_1012  Some days, we try to turn off the crazy boy switch and do a little crafting. IMG_1045


Nice work, Chase! IMG_1044  I don't even know what else to say here. This photo was not doctored or set up. This is the stuff that I walk into on any given day. IMG_1042  And for those of you who think your house is the messiest house in the world.....just welcome to my world, friends. It's real. It's messy. I clean it up. They mess it up. Push repeat on that for the next 15 years or so. And call me blessed because if there was no mess, there would be no kids. I love it! IMG_1046  Colorful things make me pretty super duper happy. IMG_0998 This is me acting like I know how to play Wii with my kids. IMG_0999One of my two favorite parts of the day. Bus pick-up! Chase usually runs out to greet Leighton off the bus. At first it looks like they are going to meet each other with a warm embrace. And then, one of them veers off and goes to pick a flower or throw a rock. It's so funny!


IMG_1002  Here I am, still being obsessed with the beautiful artistry work of our great Creator. IMG_1169  Sometimes I get so excited, I add words to my photos. Me and my niece Lydia are so much alike! IMG_1612  Laundry and lots and floorplans, oh my! IMG_1616  My coffee droplet formed into the shape of a heart one day......"mornin' God!" IMG_1243  Me n my boo sneakin in a ferris wheel ride while we shop for Dad's bday present. Go Bison!IMG_1259  I get super giddy about attending field trips for Leighton's class! IMG_1297  This just made me laughIMG_1410

And this REALLY made me laugh. IMG_1432

Just hangin' around at an open gym. This photos makes me really badly want to start up my old "My Three" series again. Maybe for 2014?!!! IMG_1433

Playdates with good friends. IMG_1493

Ironman is such a baby! IMG_1500  Painting pumpkins at another school event! IMG_1629

This was not me! I did not do this! I am no where near this cool! Push-up cake pops. How awesome is this! Way to go, Erin! IMG_1635 Once again, Chase rocks some toddler swag while he helps to get Leighton off the bus. IMG_1667

I loved this! My husband and cousin hate going around the room and talking. I had to send this to both of them immediately. I just laugh and laugh and laugh when I see this photo! IMG_0953 More notes from my big boy. Left by my pillow. IMG_0894  Me 'n the hubs at a wedding dance. IMG_0968

This kid just knows how to roll. IMG_1508

Actually, speaking of rolling.




IMG_1318   Have a great weekend, friends!

Laughter is medicine.

Fargo Baby Photographer

Fargo Baby Photographer