How to give ESPN a proper Welcome to Fargo.

How to give ESPN a proper Welcome to Fargo.


Earlier this fall, ESPN GameDay came to town. I really didn't know much about GameDay but any chance to  spend time in our lovely downtown and also bring our Bison pride sounds like a darn good Saturday morning for this family. So, we loaded up and headed in to town. Geez, it sounds like we came on a chuck wagon with that last sentence. Giddy up!


Downtown Fargo has such a neat feel.  It is an awesome place to take a newcomer. But when a giant like ESPN comes to town, things need to be turned up a notch. You know?  And there is a specific group of people who know how to bring enthusiasm and excitement enough to fill large city blocks with spirit. And that would be your NDSU Bison Fans! They showed up alright.


They screamed, they cheered, they made sure ESPN knew that there is nothing else like a Bison fan.



There were police lines. IMG_1075

 Camera men with some serious equipment. IMG_1074 This guy came out with a baby buffalo and everyone cheered. I had no clue who he was. Derrick informed me later. IMG_1069 We had a fantastic day. IMG_1065  IMG_1063

 After the live filming of  Game Day was over, we had our first experience at the rooftop of Rhombus Guys Pizza. It was fantastic!!!! IMG_1056

 After we were stuffed with pizza, we decided to hit up a local parade because our kids need to eat more candy. IMG_1094 IMG_1089  It was a perfect day. So colorful and lively. IMG_1097
And this looks like a great photo for this years family Christmas card. Because who doesn't want a giant grocery cart as the backdrop for this years festive cheer? Annnnd...... that would be me raising my hand in response to my own previous question. So, let's just chalk this day up to super awesome and save the Christmas card photos for another day! :)

The March is on!

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