Building a Dream {Part One}

So, there I was. Trapped on our tiny third story balcony, locked out by my too adorable for a spanking four-year old. It was close to 97 degrees and I had hot tea out there with me.  Who drinks hot tea on 97 degree days? I don't even drink tea so it baffles me to this day why I was drinking tea that day? I could see a corn field and glaring sun to the west and to the north were millions of tons of heavy machinery, working on a new development. My six-year-old was with me, and we had the beanbag out there.  Again....not sure why on that one either. But, what I do know was he was my saving grace.

After I tried to yell instructions for how to open the door through the rather thick sliding door glass to my four-year old, I flopped on the bean bag and was basically freaking out in the most "I'm not actually freaking out" way I could. Leighton didn't buy it so he proceeded to distract me and point out all the great big equipment across the way.  I don't even know how he knew to do that. He's the kid. I'm the parent!  It's supposed to be the other way around. Apparently, not when it's 97 degrees out and a mom has been under a great deal of stress lately.

Did I mention the two-year old was on the inside of the glass, taking a nap? With the naughty, door-locking four-year old? It's no wonder I was freaking a smidge. Eventually, we were rescued and I erased the memory from my mind forever. Except I put it on FB and now I'm blogging it. So....uhh yeah.

Between the cramped quarters, a few more "locking" incidents, lack of appropriate space for toddlers to run, and incessantly running around town looking at homes with our awesome realtor, I updated my web browser with this screen about every 5-10 minutes. Yes, every 5-10 minutes. Just ask my people. They will tell you.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.40.24 PM


We knew about every single house that even thought about hitting the market. We were usually were the first people at every new house that was a potential. We found  NOTHING. The market was super crappy and there wasn't one house that we really felt was for us. Throughout those months, many people said, "why don't you build?"  Our response was always the same. "Nope, not for us, we just don't want to. The perfect house will pop up soon!" As we looked at different neighborhoods, one of the themes that stood out for us was that we wanted to stay in or near the area we started in. We LOVE our biking, walking, running paths, the parks, the ponds, the school nearby. It is just home to us.

So, we kept waiting and praying. Finally, one day a strange spell came over us and we said, "hey, let's meet with some builders."  Prior to this, we had looked into it a few times and still said no. We met with a few builders and it just didn't seem like a fit. It just seemed impossible to find something that was within our budget and yet be good quality work.

And then we met the awesome people at Jordhal Custom Homes.


Our realtor set up a meeting and we were totally impressed right off the bat. They were super great to work with and were willing to put everything out there up front about every single possible cost we would incur while building. We met with and talked to a handful of builders and there were either "potential weatherizing costs" or high prices or teeny lots or bad locations (for us). One thing we didn't want to have happen was to come to a price that we could handle and then have to have all these surprises happen during the design and decision process. We were able to lay it all out point-blank.

We then toured a few newly completed homes and were totally impressed. One of them stood out with the floor plan, the light, the open, airy, joyful feeling of walking into the room. It was as if, I could see myself making a batch of cookies and helping my kids with their science project after school. Please don't gag. I am serious about this. These are the things I dream about. My kids running off the bus into my arms, while we frolics into the house and do an art project. Really, what happens is I step on a Lego and swear at them but I digress. (just kidding, i don't really swear. but you get my point)

The point is, I walked into this house and knew Maverick would love hanging out in this large open concept room with us while we had a family movie party or watched the boys run from front  door, through the house, to the patio to the backyard with Maverick chasing them and me brining it up the rear cursing them out for traipsing mud through my house. It was like we were finally home!

The deal was pretty much all but sealed when we got the lot options. Do you remember the cornfield we landed in after moving out of our home?



The cornfield we watched this sunset every night for the last four months.........

It just so happened that there was this lot available, near our old neighborhood, which backs to a cornfield. Does it look familiar?



Ok, that's a dumb question. How would you know, right? But I know it looks familiar because it's the same freaking cornfield I have been ohhhing and awwing over those God-breathed sunsets for the last four months!  All while quietly saying, "Lord....where will this next home be?"  I was staring at our future backyard !!!!!! The whole time!!!!!

So, it all became pretty obvious. We felt really REALLY good when meeting with the people at Jordahl Custom Homes. This is a company with loads of experience, but we also were able to make it our own. That is a big deal! Getting to a price point that we had to be at for our family was much easier with Jordahl than with other builders we had met with. I would say the final thing that sealed the deal for us was the close date we were given. With the other builders it was spring or late spring. With our friends at Jordahl, the close date was Jan 17!  Which means the world to this little mama of three energy-filled boys. It also means this guy can come back home.

DSC_2235 copy

So, there was no question. It all made sense! We signed the paperwork a few weeks ago and the very next day, they started working on the lot to dig it up!  Talk about fast service! As I type this, our basement has been poured! We drive by everyday. We are seriously only a few blocks away from our new home! We can see our big dirt pile in our backyard from our window! It's so fun! I'm just like a kid in a candy shop on Pinterest looking at floors and white trim and new ideas. I just almost have to pinch myself! We are so blessed!

So, it just makes perfect sense for me to blog about this journey from start to finish. I want you to come along on this ride with us as we go through the experience of building our very first house. I love writing in a series format and this is the perfect occasion to introduce this new series called : Building our Dream with Jordahl.

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