Building a Dream {Part Two}

So.....HERE WE GO!!!!! I cannot even tell you how over the moon, pumped, ecstatic, exuberantly thrilled and BLESSED we are to be going on this journey! Building a home was really scary and unrealistic to us. Until we sat down with Jordahl Custom Homes. Thank you for being perfect for us, Jordahl!!!!!!


So this was the day after we signed the papers. The boys were out getting busy the next day! Now, that is fast!


A day later I drove by and it looked like this!


Day three was something like this. I never thought a huge hole in the ground and some strange wire would be so exciting to me. So near and dear to my heart! I can already envision our boys playing on the front driveway shooting hoops while I chase Maverick down the street, in my mom yoga pants, waving a hot dog to get him back! Get ready, Eaglewood neighbors, get ready!

IMG_1698   \

And while the Jordhal boys take care of the outside work, Derrick and I get to head inside to the design center and meet with the amazing designers to help us customize our dream home! Now this is the type of stuff I'm talkin' about!!!! Flooring and cabinets and countertops, oh my!


 Derrick and Brandie, our amazing designer,  working on some drawings for cabinet ideas.


And this little guy gets to tag along with us to all our appointments in the Design Center. He does so well and the staff always makes sure he has plenty of colors and suckers to keep him busy! I really can't tell you how great it is to be able to have your babies with you during all these super fun design appointments. The staff at the Jordahl office really make us feel so welcome with our kids and that goes a long way in our book! Also, don't you love this mudroom cubby? I DO!!!!! This hasn't made its way into our budget yet but a girl can dream right!


And here is Beckett after he got into some chocolate that the front desk girl gave him.  He melt my heart every day.DSC_4252  And of course, why not kiss yourself in the mirror when you have chocolate smeared all over your face? It makes perfect sense to every two year old. DSC_4255

 Here's my favorite boy of all time. Just trying to make some cabinet decision. He's so cute when he looks at stain colors!DSC_4257

And of course, we had to do photos with our awesome designer, Brandie!
And I just couldn't resist doing a partial family photo inside the Design Center. All of these photos will make a perfect photo book for our collection of memories.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Jordahl to you and all your staff for making this process so fun and so easy for our family! We were so worried about the budget and the decisions and the process, but all of this has been an absolute breeze with you guys! THANK YOU!!!!!!
Next week, I might bring hot chocolate over to those hard-working boys at our lot! I'm pretty sure they think the crazy lady who inconspicuously drives by in the silver minivan every day, MULTIPLE  TIMES, is in fact crazy. But, with these temperatures dropping, I think they really might need a pick me up. So, I might just surprise them! Stay tuned to see if I actually dare pull off a stunt like that or if I get arrested in the process.

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