Thanksgiving and a Holiday Challenge for You and Grandma

Thanksgiving and a Holiday Challenge for You and Grandma


For me, there is nothing like coming home to Whitetail Acres. This year, we went to my parents for Thanksgiving. My mom has a knack for making everything "country-homey". IMG_1947


The weather was a pretty awesome mix of late fall/early winter. The kids had a blast with Uncle Jason pulling them on the big sled.



As you can see here. Sled + four wheeler + snow smacking them in the face = happy kids! IMG_1925

Lyd's hair was a slightly frosted.


To warm up, we fired up the Kurig and made some whipped topping with a little hot chocolate. Hee hee.


My little bubba zonked out after all the outdoor fun.



Later, as if they hadn't had enough snow in their faces, they stuffed them with frozen sugar. IMG_1933

Then it was time for board games and an epic Stevenson dance party. I have more than still shots to prove this really happened.


Oh? You want to see the videos? Ohhh, well, far be it from me to withhold such timeless footage as this. Actually, I highly recommend starting up a family dance party at your next family gathering. We had never done this before, but the beats started hoppin' during our card game and things just went off the hook from there. It was super fun and probably will go down as a family favorite for many years to come. Another words.....DOOOOO IT!!!!!

And what dance party would not be complete with out the Cha Cha Slide? Huh?

The morning after the late night dance party, Keenan was rockin some pretty sweet hair!


He wasn't the only one.


Boy, it really was a nice Thanksgiving this year.

IMG_1946  IMG_1916



So much so, that when Cassie and I were texting, we had this little exchange.





Ha ha ha ha. It's really scarry how much I crack my self up sometimes. But it was really true. It felt so picture perfect. And that's why I had to Instagram this photo.


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. What I hope even more is that during Christmas you will pump up the Jam, drop some beats and pull Grandma and Grandpa out into the middle of the living room and shake your money makers! And if you do, will you please record/photo it and FB it to me? If you do, I will do a post of everyone's dance parties. Because it's awesome. That's why.

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