How to teach your kids about Santa Clause.

How to teach your kids about Santa Clause.


There is something so magical about Santa Clause, don't you think? DSC_6167 How many parents do we see flocking to usher their children up the line to sit in that velvet lined lap? (Denim if its not Christmas Eve) Dont we all see a little of ourselves on Santa's lap? Meekly, barely more than whispering our dreams to him. DSC_6170 The whole thing has a bit of a miracle-feeling doesn't it? DSC_6176 There is just something special about the Mrs. and her cookie jokes. DSC_6186 But have you ever wondered about the whole "Santa isn't real" and Christmas is really about Jesus conundrum? And if there is a way to point Santa and gift-giving back to Jesus, from whom all things come? Well, thankfully, I am blessed beyond measure to be in community with loads and loads of the sweetest, Jesus-loving families on this side of the North Pole. And one of the moms told us about this awesome video. Ok, so I tried to bring you a photo of the video but I guess the iPad doesn't like me blogging. So I can't show you the photo. Man, maybe Santa wants to bring me a laptop for Christmas? So I can edit/save/share/blog photos while I'm on vacation and everyone else is sleeping and I,clearly, am not because I was the dummy who drank a diet cherry coke at 9pm. And since I can't paste the photo here, let me go even a step further and give you the amazon link where you can buy this wonderful, educational family treasure. Here you go. You are welcome. I love you. Press order. Let me give you a little quick teaser on Santa's not so shady past. His spirit has morphed from a wonderful God-fearing, giving to the needy man,known as Saint Nicholas. Here is a link to a short 2 min video. Did you watch it? Isn't that awesome!!!! Santa Clause is like Jesus, whose very birthday we are celebrating today and tomorrow! Hello people! It makes perfect sense. :)

So I find it very fitting that when we go visit our Santa's Village in town that we have the opportunity to give to the local food pantry. Sounds a lot like St. Nick and sounds a lot like Jesus, huh?

DSC_6138 DSC_6128

Beckett and Sparkles, the elf in charge of collecting non-perishables for the food pantry.


Have you ever wondered how you are going to break the news to your kids that Santa isn't real? Here is a real neat letter I found floating around Pinterest over the last few months or so. See what you think. I would add to this letter and reinforce how Santa points back to Jesus. How do you tlak with your kids about Christmas and Jesus and his compadre, Santa? Share with us here, in the comments if you would!



So, I pray this blog post finds you enjoying your families and excited to watch your precious ones experience the magic of Christmas.  Mostly, I pray with each gift you open, that you feel the love of a Savior. Who put on the tender flesh of a newborn child and lived and died for you, the greatest gift of all.

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