Building a Dream {Part Three}

So, where we last time? Oh, that's right, we were trying to keep it all together with three little boys in a third floor, two bedroom apartment. Said apartments which was only intended to be a 2 month camping adventure while we waiting to find our perfect next home. Bursting from the seams out of frustration of keeping noisy, superhero acting boys from jumping off couches and at the same time excitement in watching our new home get erected! Our new home! Remember how we obsessively scoured the market to no avail??? And, finally found Jordahl Custom Homes, who gave us all we wanted!    This was the view from our apartment our new backyard!!!! Even though we had no clue when we moved to this temporary apartment what God would have in store for our family for a home, we were shocked to find out our backyard was right out our window! God is so cool like that!

IMG_2343 So, here is where we started getting pretty jazzed!!!!! Driving by at least one or five times a day watching every last step! Not because we were worried that something was wrong, but because we wanted to envision the finish line!


It's hard to believe what a bit of time AND A LOT OF HARD WORK can do.


All the while, Beckett stayed busy in the Design Center helping us make big decisions.....


Like this baby! I'm so pumped to see this little girl up in my entry! warehouse pic

Right before heading out-of-town for Christmas vacation we got to stop in and WALK THROUGH OUR NEW HOME!!!! I can't tell you how awesome it feels! I can already envision a lot of family movie nights and morning coffee and pancake parties! IMG_2161  After we brushed off some sawdust, we got in our swagger wagon and headed out west to see our family and reunite with this goof head. We are so excited to get our boy, Maverick back!  IMG_2242  The neighbors will soon be privy to all his antics and the corresponding joy he brings to hearts! IMG_2209After wrestling with this guy for a few days and celebrating the real Present that we keep unwrapping all year......

IMG_2147 We headed back home. And there was one thing on my mind besides how cute my kids are when they have pretend star wars sword fights in the living room. IMG_2358  Packing, packing and more packing. Who says you can't start packing a month early anyway? IMG_2388  And if the boys get a little too wild, I usually just pack them up and tell them I will see them at the new house! Haha. JK!!! I totally would never do that. Errr hmmmm, totally never. IMG_2364  That brings us to yesterday. We got to take a little tour of the house and try not to pee our pants that we will actually have a home again!!!!  Here we are trying to keep the boys from getting tangled in the cords and tripping the guy on stilts. IMG_2387  Here's the guy on stilts. Pretty sweet, huh. We will painting on Sunday and I wonder if this guy wants to just leave those puppies in the closet for me? Wow, add a glass of wine, some good music and those stilts and we could end up with quite a paint job! IMG_2386We can hardly control our excitement at this point. I have pretty much packed the apartment now. Even the food. No one eats for a week! Haha! As if they ate my meals before this anyway!

Here was my Christmas card plan. I took the boys out on a "warmer" day before Christmas and placed them in the field behind our house with this cute chalkboard sign. Unfortunately, I couldn't use the photo because my kids looked like they were constipated! Oh well, a mom/photographer can dream huh?!



SIX DAYS!!!! We are only SIX DAYS AWAY!!!! Stay tuned for more blog posts where I am freaking out with excitement. We will be painting on Sunday. We are praying we can get it done in one day, as that is all we have. Derrick is in healing mode from an illness that has affected his joints so we will attempt to keep him from doing too much, other than bossing me around. Which he should enjoy fully. So, I will be hopped up on coffee and hopefully sporting those stilts from that photo above. It should be interesting. I will keep you posted! Also, I believe the front of the house will be on today, so I will be stalking and photographing them for sure! I can't wait to see those new shakes!!!!

Excuse me while I go scream and jump on my bed now.

Stay tuned.

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