Our Days Together

Our Days Together

Sooooooooo......do you ever have one those mornings? photo 1

Like where things are just getting started and it's going fairly well. You get your oldest off to Kindergarten, just in the nick of time so as not to miss the bus. And you  look in the rearview mirror at yourself, nod, smile, wink and say, "way to go, Mom" in a Ron Burgundy voice. Then, you bust your frozen butt back home to start getting the second kid ready for preschool. {You're really rockin' now, moms} Things go so swell between no breakfast tantrums, no clothing meltdowns and no 2 year old pooping in his superman underware, that you blissfully sit down in your easy chair with a cup of coffee and your morning devo. Because there is only one true way to really fill yourself. And you start soaking in the words of truth. "Joyfully, you'll pull up buckets of water from the wells of salvation"....and you just go..... yes.

And then it hits you, smack in the discombobulated "mom brain" Not a toy. Not a glob of oatmeal, but the  realization that you were THAT mom. THAT mom who forgot to send her kid with his 100 little items for the 100th day of school today. You knew it was happening, you read the sheet that was sent home, you put it in your "mom brain calendar" , which is no real calendar at all, and you forgot.

Are you ever like me? Do you forget these things that all your Type-A, perfect mom friends [never} seem to forget? I do. I forget. A lot. It's part wiring, part situational. I really can't even say it's due to lack of sleep anymore. We get a lot of sleep these days. Our youngest is almost three. And while they don't always ever sleep "in" their beds through the night, they do sleep through the night. We have just learned to sleep through a goldendoodle rump on our calves, a toddler squeezed in between us, a four year old shoved somewhere in the ocean of bedding playing angry birds on silent at 6:30am, and the six year old getting us up because he somehow ended up "type A"?????

Alas, life is redeeming and I decided to just grab the paperclips and drop them off at Leighton's school after I dropped off #2 at preschool.

That is just as soon as I could get this knuckle-head out of my bed and into the car. photo 1

We did it and it was fun! I'm glad I forgot the dumb paper clips. I love getting to be in the school during the actual school day. It's fun to see the little lines of kids getting their milk and how the office checks me in so politely and we laugh about being "that mom" who forgets things!

photo 5

And since we were out and about, we decided to get some crap done. So we hit up the UPS store to return a dining light that didn't work out. I have to just stop here and see if you get as pumped about this kind of stuff as I do? And I don't mean like pumped about going to the UPS store in general. I just mean like, we ordered our light from Wayfair.com (which I am in love with) and the light didn't work and it was free shipping and all I had to do was request to return the item (within 30 days). And they emailed us a nice little prepaid shipping label that we printed off, taped it to the box it came in, dropped it off at the store to some super smiley people and went about my day. Seriously, it was sooooo easy! I'm a mom. I NEED easy. I REQUIRE easy. This is the stuff that pumps me up.

   photo 3

And clearly, the child and the canine do not share in my enthusiasm.

Ok, so speaking of convenient mom/parent ideas. Who of you awesome Ordinary Superhero readers do not have extra/old/needs to be given away stuff at your home? I'm raising my hand here with you! I had a bag of schtuff (is that word?) that just needed to find a new home. And I know there are many options for dropping used items off around town. But I love these new bins that have popped up! Have you seen them? This one was a YWCA bin and I was all like, helloooooo, meeee, I would love to simplify and help out others in the meantime! How easy is this! Pull my car up to the gas station, park directly in front of the bin, and drop my bags off. I totally encourage you to do this! Help yourself by getting rid of stuff you don't need or use anymore and most importantly, HELP SOMEONE ELSE WHO NEEDS IT WAY MORE THAN YOU! I LOVE this!

photo 4 Then we headed home and I made lunch for my honey. Now most days, I'm no domestic Goddess. I suck at timing food and having it ready in time and even having anything in the pantry or ready for that matter. I wasn't blessed in that area. It's ok. We are all ok with this. But, sometimes, I actually put together a nicely grilled turkey, bacon and cheese sandwhich, lentil soup and a spinach salad. It was just so fun today! I love serving my husband. Like, I really, really do. It count it such a great joy to make his life any little bit easier. My husband, and most of the men I am surrounded by, are amazing and hard-working. They are supporting their families, they are changing diapers, playing ball, building their children and wives up, and they just deserve the world from us. I don't even know how they do it. My husband is all of this and more. And he deserves a friken bacon sandwich once in while. I love the moment when I can do it and when I choose to do it, over other things. photo 2

Oh and back up. While we were out and about, we purchased some of these! Am I alone here? Am I the only one who gets super pumped about googley eyes and pom pom balls? Am I the only one who goes into a trance at Hobby Lobby?  We had so much fun with these after lunch today. I will soon be bringing you a Valentines Day idea post with these included. I just hope I can get it done before Valentines Day! photo 4

Well, thanks for reading today. I hope you are choosing to have a fabulously blessed day! photo 3

Oh and P.S! In case you are looking for something really fun to do this frigid weekend with your kids....look what I found! This looks soooooo super awesome! We are so doing this. Who else wants to go? Who wants to meet us there?
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