Dear Izzy..... / by Shannon Heick

I told Maverick you were not feeling well again. This is how he looked at me. :( DSC_7408 We decided we would try to make you smile. So we put my glasses on him. I don't think they were the right strength for his eyes though. He kept pawing them off.

DSC_7410Since Maverick didn't cooperate, I moved onto another friend of yours.

DSC_7415  You sure have a cute little cousin, Izzy. Look! He has a crumb in his hair! (I'm shocked Maverick didn't grab it). DSC_7416  He wanted to send you kiss. DSC_7420

And while the chalkboard message was my idea, he picked this flower JUST FOR YOU from my vases.  He wanted to give you a flower and tell you to get better.


We are sure praying for your sweetie! I know that God is a great healer and he is healing you right now. Pray every night for that, honey, ok? Auntie Shannon loves you! Tell your mom I miss her.