Easy Valentines for your kids.

Valentine's Day is one of my favorites! There is something about one more reason to put hearts and glitter all over the place! These photos are from two years ago. I can barely believe my eyes when I pulled these out of their digital memory banks. Look at that laugh.......his smile and those eyes! That is my firstborn when he was so much more like a toddler. And look at that pathetic valentines day box! Wow, Mom....way to go! Actually, I let him have at her and do the whole thing himself. I swallowed my "Pinterest ego" and "Let It Go" (haha-pun to the movie Frozen.........haaaaaa........ok, then). Actually, back then I wasn't severely addicted to that social media firestorm yet so I'm pretty sure I didn't even know what I was missing in forcing my kids to do craft projects from Pinterest. That would come later.DSC_2878

And check out this little baby boy. This was before he pulled out his toddler-swag and started wearing shirts, vests, and ties 24/7. Although at the very bottom, I do see his famous orange rain boots. He wore those every single day from February until June. I kid you not. Every.single.day. And I didn't care. More power to that little stinker that will always melt my heart like no other.


And here we go with the brotherly love festivities. I totally remember this moment like it was 4.3 minutes ago. It reminds me how I'm the lucky one.



Ok so time to stop this sentimental crap and get on to the meaty stuff. And by meaty, I mean Pinterest and the ideas you might just be needing. Now I realize this is last-minute, and I'm sure none of you are like me in my tardiness of getting kids' projects done ahead of time.....but just in case you are, and you still don't know. Here you go. This one was super easy! DIY Smartie Airplanes. Our very first Valentine craft together!


Here is the supply list: smarties, gum, little rubber bands and those round mints.....or the colorful version...what the heck are they called? You guys know what I mean. The donut looking things. That are candy. Ok, clearly this is the best tutorial you have ever read. So clear and detailed. Ok, so here, instead why don't you just go HERE for the better more detailed instructions.

Ok, so that was one of my favorite valentine projects! It was our first real one actually. The next year we moved to the intermediate level and went for these crazy adorable Robots. They had googley eyes so I was sold from the get-go. This ended up very time-consuming but soooo much fun. My father in law happened to be visiting when we were working on these and he helped out a ton. He's awesome like that!

IMG_7877 Here is an online photo of these cute suckers. At first I thought this was my actual photo but then I saw how straight the robots were held and how perfect they were all glued on and I knew it wasn't possible that this was my actual photo. I don't even know if I took an actual photo of these after we done. For one it was like 1 in the morning when I finished them. Secondly, my fingers were numb, bleeding and deformed from all the robot appendage bending and googley eye placing. So do you get the drift on this one? Get lots of fun craft paper. I had all mine in my long lost scrapbooking materials that I will never use again. I did have to go out and buy the robotey paper and the chocolate. Who the heck doesn't need just one more reason to go buy a butt-load of chocolate? Huh? Who?  After you are done gorging yourself, then you start the project. Do a lot of cutting of little body parts. Wrap cute paper strips around the mini chocolate squares. If you have any left. And adhere the eyes and stuff.

IMG_7831   Now this next craft I know nothing about. Chase brought it home from preschool and it's stinkin' adorable so I thought you might like it, too. That looks pretty easy! I won't even write up a DIY on that one. DSC_7380

So, now that we have covered the last few years of our prjoects, let's get right into this year. I'm a little shocked that we started this earlier this week and I am sitting here tonight getting ready to go watch American Idol with my hubby and I'm not frantically finishing up the valentines or forcing them to write all their little friends' names on the backs....we already did that. So here are a few photos of the festivities earlier this week.

I swear I am just a total suckers for pom pom balls and googley eyes. Who doesn't love this? Probably most of you. Because you have lives.


So, we took got ready to start crafting. Beckett had to put on his shades first I guess?


 Chase dug using the hot glue gun. He only burnt himself once and me three times. Score! DSC_7383

These were REALLY sooo easy! And you all know me by now. It's my middle name. Ok, so that would really come out wrong if I kept going with this. Just forget it. I like craft projects that are really simple and don't require me to buy stalk in Michaels or Hobby Lobby. DSC_7393Later in the week, we ended up with almost 50 of these adorable little suckers. It was so simple. All you need is : pencils, pom pom balls and of course, googely eyes. I also printed the little tags from the printable I found online. I will attach the "more professionally written tutorial" so you can get the little flags if you want.

photo 4
After all the flags were glued on, we moved to boxes. We made Legos for this years Valentines box challenge. Just glue little cups on top of old shoe boxes for the top thingys and then....
photo 3
head out into the garage with 3 little boys and a can of red spray paint. You might be right if you were thinking I have lost my mind.
photo 5
The boxes turned out pretty cute and are very "homemade" looking. But what I can't even believe was this photo. We were all making funny faces for the photo and Chase decides hanging spit out of his mouth qualified. And this is the shot. It just sums it up. Totally. And I love it!
photo 2
Happy Valentines Day Fools! Have so much fun loving on those around you!

Nailed It.

Dear Izzy.....

Dear Izzy.....