Nailed It.

The sun came out in full force the other day. It was close to 40 degrees, which is an all out heat wave where we live. The cousins also happened to be over for the day so there was no other option but to partake in this sweet gift of warmth from the Lord. IMG_2737


Plus, this nut-hole needed some exercise.



I did not have to twist anyone's arms to go out and have a few sled races on the new hill out back. How pumped am I that we have an awesome hill just a few steps out of our backyard?!!!! Holla! I can seriously watch them out the kitchen window while doing dishes and listening to Pandora. It's really such a treat to me! I promise you after looking at 40bagillion homes, this was one feature, the Lord knew I wanted and provided so generously. Not only did I get a kitchen window, overlooking a wide open vast space, but there is a friken kid friendly hill to boot.  So I got to watch them during the morning hours.  Later, in the afternoon, I decided to introduce the neighborhood to my  hot candy pink colored snow pants and joined the fun.

Here is the hill!

IMG_2734 Here a serious kid race is getting underway. IMG_2768

I'm not sure if the mom is more pumped.....or the boys.


 Or Maverick. He thought he was pumped. Until he heard what I was planning to do with him.


 What Goldendoodle doesn't like to actually sled down the hill with his people-mom in candy pink snow pants? IMG_2749 Apparently, he didn't think it was as fun as I did?! As he is seen pretend attacking me here. IMG_2763

So that was fun. Now I must talk to you about Pinterest.
So you know how Pinterest is perfect and it sometimes makes you feel like you are worthless?  Like you see this awesome idea to grow your own green onions and it's sooooooooo easy they just make it look soooooo easy. So you are sure  that this time, finally this one time, you will have yourself a Pinterest victory! Yet, I still get these crazy ideas that I try and hope and pray will turn out just a beautifully, perfect as the perfectly stage photo.
Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 6.57.44 PM
And so you are ready to throw down and you set your little jar up on your little sill and plop a handful of green onion bulbs in. And you wait. And many of the pins said, just a few days and those shoots will be just a shootin' up.
IMG_2742  And this is day 14. IMG_2741
Wow, Shannon. Nice work. There were 4500 successful pins of people doing this and you ended up with murky water and sludge. Basically, what it boils down to is this.  I did not nail this one. Speaking of nailing it....have you seen the Nailed It board on Pintrest?  People actually go on there and post their Pinterest failures and it is hilarious! I highly recommend you take a stroll over there later tonight. It's right HERE. You're welcome! I just scrolled through these just to test them out for you and I was laughing so hard, my boy came in the room to see what was going on with my cry-laughing.
Speaking of cry-laughing. I have discovered the humor section on Pinterest and whenever I'm having one of those "i hate this cold weather,when is it ever going to end, my kids won't quit fighting, i forgot to plan supper and it's 6:00, when will spring ever come, i forgot to sign my kids thing for the thing at school again,  is there any hope at all in this frozen tundra we call home" kind of moments. I log in here and just start belly roll laugh crying until my kids come to see what all the commotion is. Anyway, have you heard or seen, rather, this internet sensation puppy? Apparently he was rescued and his hilariously cute little scared face has captured hearts all over the world. His name is Tuna. Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 7.11.08 PM
You can find more of Tuna HERE.
And in case that didn't make you laugh. Maybe you want to just see what kind of crap I do when we are waiting for Dad to show up on a Friday afternoon.
I don't make this crap up.
Happy Friday! We are having homemade popcorn and watching the Ewoks! How about you?

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