Building a Dream (The Close)


You know, I think I put this final blog post off for a few reasons, but mostly because this was such a fun experience overall that I don't want it to end. Except that I do because being settled is a good thing.   And we are sooooo beyond blessed and thankful to call this beautiful home our own!  So thankful that God has this mapped out for us and that we just had to wait and defer to Him. IMG_2440

Thank you to the awesome team at Jordahl Custom Homes who made this dream a reality for us!

IMG_2449 And this girl, I really can't say enough good things about!!! She's a mom of four and just rocks at getting to know her clients and goes above and beyond to do her job. I really enjoyed meeting and working with my (new friend) Jess! :)


Ok, so here we are at closing. Our realtor, banker, and closer were all ladies who were totally into my idea of taking a few photographs. (I'm not sure Derrick was as pumped, but he gets used to these realities that came along with me). But, I know they really did enjoy giving us differing posing ideas...they even made us kiss for a photo! It was almost like it was all our moms cheering for us at our wedding or something. It was cute. Trust me on this. IMG_2441  Ok, so back to the house. Jess was so kind to share a few photos with me that she took of the house right before we closed. I love this hallway! It's almost always filled big muddy paw prints, legos, rainbow loom bands and super hero figurines. Just the way I prefer it! Thankfully we know what is was supposed to look like, before the Heicks exploded their life into it! :)


And, when you come over for a play date next week or someday, this is my view. :)

IMG_3497  And this is your view. Ok, not quite, we live here now. But, this is how clean it CAN be. :) Ohhhh, I just can't tell you how much I love our new kitchen and open living space. It is just everything I imagined when we started getting this moving bug last spring. And let me be the first to tell you, we didn't build a super expensive, fancy home. We built a modest home and added just some of the sweetest features that make it so much us. It's just us. And that's just perfect. I just never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have gotten white trim without painting it myself on an older existing home that I was going to "try to update" on my own. (In all my spare time-haha-I'm spitting my tea out as I type-just at that thought). Much less a big beautiful white, beadboard island. This, my friends, is why you NEED to have God in your life! And I'm not talking about material things here. I'm talking about heart things. He cares about all the little dumb, seemingly unimportant things that you care about. And when you pray, ask, believe, pray, pray, pray, trust, trust some more, God is a blesser. I will never tell you this home was from anyone/thing else than from God. It is a total blessing and gift to us!


Oh my word, all these windows. We added a few extra windows into this already well-lit home. I can't imagine ever living without light, my friends. It is just my favorite thing. I especially love seeing my babies in the afternoon all cuddled up on the couch playing Angry Birds, basking in the warm afternoon light. IMG_3496

Speaking of my kids. Here they are, rolling on the floor. Our house is lived in a bit more in this photo. And it appears that my 2nd child is shoving my 3rd child's face into the floor. Totally normal, you guys, totally normal.


And then there is this guy. He finally got to come home after an 8 month "sleepover" at Grandma and Grandpa's 300 miles west. We REEEEHHHEEEELLY missed him. We think he missed us too, but we know he had it pretty nice with his "grand-paw-wents". (I'll have a separate blog post someday about all his shenanigans out west)

DSC_7408  He made himself at home, real quick. Like, boom, Shannon! Here I am, I'm back and I'm sleeping on your calves for the rest of your life. photo 1

Now, let's go downstairs for to the land of cement and the potential for many injuries. Haha! If you have boys, you know what I mean. The boys actually love their GIGANTIC unfinished space downstairs. We have added a bunch of carpet remnants and moved most of their kid-gear down there so they usually disappear down for long spurts of time. When that happens, Derrick and I look at each other, raise our eyebrows, and dance around the house (quietly) fist-bumping and displaying raising the roof dance moves  in sheer "parent-victory" of alone/quiet time. We never disturb them when they are quiet. Some of you think that's a bad sign. Take it from us. It's gooooooood. Let them be. If someone starts bleeding profusely, they will come to you...don't worry. Haha. IMG_2429  And when they aren't down in the basement jumping off of tubs and driving over someones toe with the  tryke, they are doing this.

IMG_2508 Just kidding!!! Haaaa! I worried you didn't I? You were thinking, what??? My kids never do this! Mine only did this like once! It's not happened since.Take a deep breath. Don't worry, you aren't doing anything wrong. Kids don't do this kind of thing too often. I assure you. Not for us #boymoms anyway. Haha!

Let me see....what else can I tell you about this new house life? We are really enjoying an awesome sledding hill right out our back door! The kids were able to go out there with their cousins alone. I stayed in with Beckett and watched them out my kitchen window and was doing  more fist pumps and roof raises the entire time for my newfound mommy freedom!!!!



And really, other than just all of us living life and loving our new home, Maverick is just making himself at home and helping himself to my egg bakes every day.

1618546_10153851464390545_1131291101_n Well, thanks for reading this nice little series about our build!  We had a blast! Please feel free to tune in to the blog anytime as I capture and write about all the escapades of our sweet little family.  Really, I swear, come back again. Heck, take it step further and stop in and say Hi sometime! I'm usually slightly hopped up on coffee and am always willing to share! :) And a huge thanks to the awesome folks at Jordahl who helped us make this dream come true AND STAY IN BUDGET! HOLLA! We really enjoyed working with everyone so much!!!!!

Have a great week  everyone!




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