Happy Tuesday

So, I meant for this post to be published earlier today. Like bright and early this Monday morning!!!  Because many, many people in this world are not so happy about Monday mornings. And I figured I would try to help brighten your Monday morning. Except, life happened and my blog post didn't get posted.

First, before I explain, here is what I day-dreamed would happen: I would bounce out of bed, squeeze in a quick 30 minute workout, do my devotions, hop in the shower, get ready in 4.7 minutes and end up looking like a million dollars with a huge smile on my face ready to change the world, one little heart at time.  I would prance through the house Mary Poppins style and beckon my sweet, fairy-like children awake with warm, soft, sweet kisses on their cheeks. I would then bake them a fresh pan of carmel rolls while helping them recite their bible verses. As they were waiting for the rolls to bake, they would all work on their homework quietly with zero fighting or booger eating while I published my blog.

And here is what really happened:

Beckett pooped like thirty-six times before we left for Preschool, Maverick ate a large vat of cheese, my right eye was dilated to kingdom come, Chase kept throwing plastic balls at Beckett's face, Leigthon's foot hurt so we had to decide if he could walk well enough to go to school, Maverick ate a stick of butter off the counter (again), the fix-it man showed up to fix a door, I never did take a shower, then Chase's foot "started hurting", I washed the dishes, then Beckett's foot "started hurting", and I needed to get some coffee into my belly. That was all I got done instead of what I hoped to do, as stated above.

Clearly, I didn't have time to post this by early morning. However, in my book, there is never a wrong time for laughter. {ok.....well, maybe not never, but most of the live long day could use extra doses of funny stuff} So, I have decided to share with you some of my favorite photos and pins as of late. Because I like to laugh. And I hope you will laugh, too!

This is Maverick's response to Monday mornings. Actually, this was more likely after the butter incident.

photo 1  I'm sure the reason he steals all our food is because we put him through crap like this.    IMG_2827

He just gives up. He doesn't even try to pretend like he is conscious. IMG_2826And this is me giving up on life. Thanks, Winter. I hate you! I'm never coming out of the house again. This is what you have done to me.  IMG_2821

This sooooooo much reminds me of my kids. Sooooo much. photo 3

Someday, when he gets sick of butter, I know he will pull this stunt. photo 1

Wow, this one really resonated with me.

photo 5


My friend and I were texting each other about our nasty period cramps the other day. This one really made both of us laugh.

photo 3

Alas, this is me. Every morning. I will never stop. photo 2

This is what we fully intend to do with Maverick if he tries to run away from us in our new neighborhood.

photo 1

And this was really werid. But funny. Very funny. photo 3

This is me and Derrick every other week night. photo 2


This is all of us up here in the Frozen Tundra feeling the effects of Winterpocolypse. photo


I love you guys! Have a really, really great day Ok! I will keep these coming!

p.s. I see a 32 in the forcast this week and a 38 this weekend. holllllllaaaah!

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