What we be doin' and some more funny stuff.

  I have put so many photos into this post I am beginning wonder if I have a problem? Wait, I already know that is true. But now I am just wondering more. Anyway, it's time to share some fun! Plus, I know some of these photos I found online are going to make you laugh. Unless you hate happiness and laughter. Then there is no hope for you with this blog post. I'm sorry. This is all I have to give. And I love you.

So, a few weeks ago, after the boys had been out romping in the mud I saw all this nasty mud mess of their boots and I was all like, "awwww.......hey that's kind of sweet.... it's messy but geez sometimes you gotta just get messy and love it!"


We have been doing some family gaming. IMG_2960

If you follow my instagram or Facebook you may have seen the video version of Leighton's perfectly choreographed dance-thanks to gym class this kid has some moves!


I immediately thought of Greta Bundy when I saw this! I love you, Greta!IMG_2932

My babysitter sent me this when we were at bible study. Nose-pickin, ballers is what they are. IMG_2912

Speaking of ballers. I saw this on Pinterest and thought this might make sense for my kids. IMG_2911

Then we took Maverick to Scheels. Because why not?IMG_2898

My parents were in town a while back. We had some fun family time, hit up church and then some pancakes to boot.IMG_2893


Now, let me be clear. I'm not "huge" on vulgarity. But, this pin, made me really laugh! Don't you feel this EXACT SAME WAY when your zipper is stuck!IMG_2905


Leighton got to chill with Thundar! photo 1 photo 4

Since spring doesn't understand who it is, we have to play inside a lot. Carpet inner rolls and cardboard boxes make fun make-shift playground equipment. IMG_2836

This is my new favorite funny pin!!!! Weekend.........


Derrick and I NEVER (cough cough gag) have trouble with this one.
And then I found this eeriely related Pin. And I almost peed my pants.
what what?
We had Leighton's PT Conferences. His photo sums up how he is doing in K-school. He's all like, I got this, Mom.
These three. I have started threatening them that I'm going to start putting books on their heads so they can't grow up any more! That's it! I'm done. Freeze this! Keep them little! I can't stand the thought of them getting taller than me and then moving out! This madness must stop! My dad used to tell me the same thing. The boys thinks it's hilarious!
Leighton and I just being complete dork-wads waiting for the car wash.
I emailed this to my old regional manager. We both laughed our butts off!
Usually, I'm feeling like the above photo when I wake up on mornings like this:
I have started to not juice, but smooth. You know, like, juicing, except in smoothie form. So that is pretty awesome to be getting a vast array of new veggies and fruits.
However....you put them on my plate in whole form and you will get this response.
Are you guys bored yet? Is this breaking some internet blogging rule? Am I going too  long on this post? I can't handle myself. I just can't stop! Watch this. There is more hilarity coming up.
But first, my kids made me a picnic the other day.
How cute is that? If these kids don't watch it, I will start eating them. Did that make sense? Who cares at this point.  They are that adorable.
This kind of made me crack up. Do you sometime feel like this reading with you Kindergartner?
And if this does nothing for you, then we just have to end our internet friendship right now.
Just kidding! I would never do that!
So, the other day....I pulled up to TJ Maxx and I looked over and I was like, "what?!!! how did Maverick get in someone else's car?!" and then I was like, oohhhhh, yeah that's just a dog that looks like Maverick. Isnt' this uncanny? You should have seen me waving at this dog and talking to him or her through my window. And taking pictures, obviously. Wow, that dog was like, "wow, what is she smoking?"
And this really made me laugh. I immediately sent it to my husband at wrok and demanded that he mass message all his co-workers with this photo.
And he wouldn't. :(
And in closing, check out this awesome photo I grabbed the other morning at bus drop off! This kind of stuff just gets me so pumped up!
 Oh wait, one more thing! Check out my new wall art area in our living room! IMG_3058
Did you get a load of that embroidery hoop?!!! Does anyone remember me asking if anyone on FB knew how to like stitch stuff. And someone just went and made this for me! How cool is that?! My old co-workers Laura and her mom were sitting in her house with her sweet little baby girls and must have been on FB. They saw my message and they messaged me and said, "what do you need?" and I sent them a similar photo to this. And Laura's mom was all, "i got this". And boom, now I got this!
And just to add a dash of irony to this story. So, I was and am so so so pumped about this hoop! It's hilarious and it makes me laugh and me and the boys rap to it every day! I had the hoop just hanging out in the living room, leaning up against a vase on my side table while I was deciding where to put it. And one day, the dang thing just up and goes missing. And we looked high and low. We tore the house apart. My husband even felt bad. He knew I loved it so much and it made me laugh and it adds a dose of happiness to our house and wall!
We knew that Derrick had taken it away from Chase who had been rolling it around on the floor downstairs and whipping it across the room. He's a boy. Duh. But, where it went from there we didn't know. Did Chase recover it? Did Derrick just hide it THAT good? It was just dead gone. So for about a week I would rap about the missing rap embroidery hoop and we would half laugh/half cry that it was missing. And don't you know something. I decided to pray about it. How dumb it that? But I was all like, heck, why not? So I prayed for it and wouldn't you know what happened? I walked downstairs (which I had done 4652 times prior to this time) and there it was, propped up on it's side next to the big cardboard building blocks. So, whether or not this was  a legit answer to prayer or not. We will never know. But I will believe that it was. Boo'ya!
Have a good weekend everyone. I hope you lasted through this!

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