How to Help a Child

I met this sweet boy back in 2010 when Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Fargo/Moorhead and featured Garrett and his family. I was so blessed to get to help out with photography and get to meet this amazing family! Garrett is just one of those boys you won't ever forget meeting! His mother writes, "his zest for life, humor and smile draw people to him". She is right!


Today, Garrett is in the hospital battling for his life. I can't even begin to try to explain to you his complicated medical history. You can start following his CaringBridge site for that. But just a day or so ago, I read an update post from his mother. Most of her posts have been heart-wrenching and almost unbearable to read. I have been up unable to sleep after reading them, many times and falling asleep praying for Garrett and his mom. To imagine a mother watching her son go through so much pain and suffering. I can't. Here is what she wrote a few days ago:

We encountered another snag...part of his incision opened and pus is oozing out.  The ID doctor stopped and they took some to culture, she added ANOTHER antibiotic to the mix-1 that treats fungal infections.

his stomach continues to be sooooo incredibly sore. He cringes when they have to even place the stethoscope on it.  In the back of my mind, I am concerned about a possible abscess in his peritoneal area.  I am going to push for a ct scan tomorrow to make sure there is nothing brewing.

On another note, we are PLEADING and BEGGING for you to pray for Garrett's emotional well being. He is struggling to find the will to keep fighting. I can not begin to even try to imagine how difficult this must be. He has endured so much and it just never ends.  Bill and I have never seen him this withdrawn from the world and are so very worried.

It seems easy to pray and give thanks when things are easy and good in one's life.   Things have never been easy for Garrett.

Please consider sending him a card of encouragement to the hospital.

children's hospital 345 smith ave st Paul mn 55101 attn Garrett Grommesh

Did you get that? His mother is begging and pleading for us to flood Garrett with cards and notes and words of encouragement!!!! And I just thought, oh my word! That is the LEAST we can do for this family who is bearing the weight of the world right now. So please, PLEASE, PLEASE, I am not asking you to send money. I am asking you to give up a bit of you time, maybe 5 minutes, to put together a nice note, a phrase, a bible verse, a smile, something SOMETHING to give this boy some hope! The power of prayer and encouragement is so amazing!!!  It's why God put us here! Just think, this one note you send (or put out on FB/Instagram) could be the one tiny thing that moves him from a mindset of giving up to a mindset of hoping and believing!!!! What if that one card that made a difference, was yours!

Today we are sending out our card and little message of hope! Of course, I will also be trying to get the word out on Instagram and FB! What would it hurt for the social media world to be praying for Garrett?

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Will you join me? If you do, will you head over to Instagram and/or FB and photo your card or message and put #pray4garrettg ? I think we can turn a handful of cards and messages into a whole room for him!!!!!

Update on Garrett Grommesh and you people are AMAZING!

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