Update on Garrett Grommesh and you people are AMAZING!

You guys!!!! It is working!!!! Garrett is getting better!!!! (I say that with so much sensitivity as this young man has a long way to go!) So many of YOU amazing people have not only read my blog post asking for cards to be sent but you have also extended a little piece of your heart all the way to Garrett's bedside! Here is what his mother posted yesterday: garrett is doing remarkably well. he actually looks better than right before the surgery. i am confident that he will have less stomach pain now that the infectious pus was removed. it was really fun to see the look on his face as the stack of mail arrived. wow! thank you to everyone for taking the time to send the snail mail! the wound vac will be placed sometime late morning. goodnight

and just today she said this:

they surgery yesterday allowed dr feltis to open up the incision and get a good look around. over 2 ounces of infected fluid came out. no wonder garrett has been feeling so much pain and not healing. dr feltis placed the wound packing sponge and put on the wound vac and he garrett did so good.. i was able to be present for the entire procedure since it was done in the recovery area instead of the OR. i have never seen an open incision site. it looked so deep, but yet it is considered "superficial" since the muscles were intact. now we can actually start the healing process (which should have started over a week ago). still waiting to fin out when we can do surgery to internalize his shunt. i personally am a little freaked out and nervous about going home--will have the "usual" iv antibiotics to administer PLUS the iv Nutrition (TPN), and watch the wound vac. it would normally not be a tough thing to watch, but he has a tube in his bladder under the wound vac dressing. about 6 inches of snow fell last night. which doesn't affect me...i have no where to be anytime soon. Garrett got 25 cards in the mail yesterday. the nursing staff and us are placing bets for how many arrive today. winner gets a candy bar. thanks to Helmut for the very nice article in the Fargo Forum. i'm surprised he could understand anything i said since i cried though most of the phone interview. i feel mentally/emotionally stronger today as a very kind and compassionate person (who will remain unnamed) took me out for supper last night. it was nice to have a break and forget about life for a while. hoping the weather improves so Bill & Peighton can come Sunday. WC soccer is tomorrow and I KNOW all the HOPE, Inc. kids will be so excited to have coach Bill and high high energy and loud voice!

You can follow them directly on caring bridge HERE. This is a great place to leave comments and encouragement. ;)

I also want you to see just a handful of the amazing people that have answered this call to make a difference! I am stunned at the beauty witnessed in these photos below.  College student groups, many preschool and kindergarten classes, moms, dads, kids from all over! It's so fun to see the body of Christ coming together. This, my friends, is where we are REALLY called to be in life. Coming alongside the hurting, even if we don't know them, and offering some form of hope.


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Wow!!!! Please keep them coming! This is not the end of the road of challenges for Garrett! But I believe if he can feel our support, he can and WILL find the strength to overcome! I am going to share the address again here where you can send cards. And I will also throw out an idea that a friend on FB mentioned this week. Garrett has a sister, Peigthon, 16, who I understand is very close to her brother. I can only imagine what it must be like for this teenage girl. I bet she could use some encouragement, too! I am going to send her a card today! Girl to girl! Because aren't we all really sisters?

Here is the address again to send cards! Did you see that the nurses and family have a bets placed as to how many cards he will get each day?!! That is so fun! Let's flood them all!

children’s hospital 345 smith ave st Paul mn 55101 attn Garrett Grommesh

Also, it was brought to my attention this week that a sweet little friend of Garrett , Amanda, has set up a fund to raise money for his extensive medical costs. I told you I wasn't doing these blogs to ask for money, instead I just wanted you to send cards. I still want you to send cards! But.....when a young girl gets up the hootzpah (is that word?) to create a fundraising page for her friend......that is when all of us adults need to take notice!  The link is HERE.  What you all have done so far, is AMAZING! I'm humbled that someone like you has even taken the time to read about this. And now it's time for the next step. I checked out this fundraising site and noticed that they have raised $100 in about a week! While that is great, I think we, collectively, as a community can do a whole lot more than that. Can you even begin to imagine the extent of this, when all is said and done and Garrett is on his way to a full recovery and a normal life, financially? I'm imploring you to donate some money now. Think about this! What if everyone who clicked on this blog, donated just $5?  Do you want to know how much money we could raise as a group? It's huge! Since the day I posted the article, my blog has received almost 20,000 hits! To give you some perspective on how much this is, my blog normally gets about 150 hits per week, depending on how much I am posting.  This went crazy viral! And I'm so glad it did.

Now back to the math. Let's take your $5 times 19,999 others $5 and we have made a $100,000 difference in the life of a family hasn't had a break for quite some time. I just get all excited when I think about watching these donations start rolling in. I believe that people move and want to help and want to make a difference! They just need a link! A reason! And HOPE is a big enough reason for $5!

So, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a difference!




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