Broken Glass

I dont' have any photos to share today. Just a mom and her blog. Okay, I'm lying. I have a billion kagillion pictures to share. I'm just too tired to upload them and decide and blah blah blah. Let's suffice it to say that they are cute and artistic and I take a lot a lohhhhhhhhht of photos! Whatever. It's fun. I love it. If I shared a photo it would be like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that has been laying down on the outside of our shower for the last month. I know I should pick it up. I walk by it many times a day. I think, "Shannon, that's cute....your kids leave little reminders of themselves all over the house.....but you should pick it up, it's not clean, it's not Pinterest-esk". But I don't pick it up. I leave it. And I smile. Because my kids leave their TMN turtles in random places.

And that makes me think of the next photo I didn't take. Do you ever have photos you don't take. Or you take them in your head? If not, you should. It's fun. And cool. I swear. Back to the photo. It's a stack of make-up sponges. On Chase's window sill. Is it weird? I don't know. Who cares. It reminds me that he loves little tiny things that come in multiples. He collects things. All kinds of things. Especially our lip balm. Today we had some friends over and Chase and his little girl buddy must have been playing "house". They each had to have their own lip balm. Just like mom and dad both carry their own lip balm. That kid loves lip balm. These things make me laugh. And remind me of the ten million reasons I love this kid so much.

When I think about love, I think about Beckett's dimple. And the way he uses his eyes to make people giggle. The lady at Walmart today was giggling at his usage of his eyes. He just does the funniest, sweetest things with his eyes. I can't explain it. Come talk to him. You will see.

What other photos have I taken that I haven't taken?

There is the broken wine glass on the floor tonight. Chase had gone in the house to get a cup to share some Coke with his daddy. He came out in absolute tears and we couldn't understand why he was so upset over "not having any kid cups left".....I walked him inside. Maverick was in the dark mudroom, shut in. Chase held him back from the door to the living area. Why was he holding him back, I wondered?  And then I see it. The mess. Chase broke the wine glass searching for a kid cup. He was worried that Maverick would step on the shattered glass and cut his paw. This broken glass was not a problem. This broken glass gave way to compassion from a boy for his dog.

You see, you can choose to see the broken glass. Or you can choose to see what the broken glass produces. This ways of thinking always makes me smile.





Hang tight.

Blazin' Beckett {Chapter One}

Blazin' Beckett {Chapter One}