Dear Dad.....

Dear Dad.....

So, you know me. I'm always a day or a few weeks late on your Father's Day card and gift. I really don't have it all together in the prompt gift buying and giving category of life. I did get you a pretty good gift this year and it is sitting right next to me in my outgoing mail bin!!! I will get it out soon! In the meantime, I thought I would tell you what my card was going to tell you. I chose to not send one of those $4.79 Father's Day cards from Target this year.  A card I already had at home will do, right? You always taught me how to save my pennies and be thrifty,  Dad. I will always be grateful to you for that. The card you will get later this week will be a thank you card. I thought it was actually fitting that I had a thank you card in my stash. Because if I could say just one thing to you this Father's Day, it's just that. Thank you. For all the laughter, the guidance, the being in ones corner, the believing in, the protecting, the watching, the listening, the snuggling, the teaching me about Jesus, the giving, the serving, the taking us to church, the always choosing to love my mom, the support, the encouragement....... I could go on, Dad.  Thank you for it all.


And I'm even more thankful to the Lord on this Father's Day. I know he hand-picked you to be my father. Of all the great Dads in the world, I got you! And I know there are a lot of great dad's out there and I probably would have been happy with most good fathers. But, there is just something special I would have missed, had it not been you. I can't really pin point it, Dad. It lies somewhere deep in the soul, where words and science and things can't venture.
I suspect that it has to do with all the quiet sacrifices you made for us, all the times you let me climb up on your lap, the letting of my best friends decorate your hair with bows and girly clips, the fact that our song has always been Red Sovine's Daddy's Girl. It probably lies somewhere in between the memories of the glimpses of you in your sports coat in the corner of the gym,  as I flew down the basketball court, the Saturday morning hunting with my brothers while mom and I got the house perfect and smelling all of cinnamon and bark and pumpkin spice on those cloudy days.
It's there somewhere between how we used argue when I was a teen, but we always had each others back. It's all that hunting and fishing that runs through your blood and bones, Dad. There is just something special about watching you catch a fish or tag that buck. It's the times when I became and adult and a mom myself and sometimes there is just no place like being home with your own mom and dad.  It's just some of those things and so many more. There really won't ever be a complete way to describe it. That special something that we got, when we got you.  It will always be hidden in my heart, Dad.





















Happy Fathers, Dad. I love you!

This is When....a new series, Volume 1.

Hang tight.