This is When....a new series, Volume 1.

Welcome to my new blog series called "This Is When....... ".   inspired by one of my favorite/hilarious bloggers, Roo over at SemiProper. Roo does "This is How I Feel Fridays" and she has me dying laughing every time!  I started to search and find my own .gifs and thought why not share my own funny .gif love with all of you? Because I like laughing. And I figure you should too! And  heck, who doesn't need a weird .gif and dumb caption to get him or her laughing?  Ok, ok maybe I will be the only one laughing.....and you will just stare at your screen.....blink......blink..............but it should be fun either way! So without further adou......

This is when I'm up earlier then all my boys, quietly get past their bedrooms, make my coffee and get two complete quiet thoughts before anyone is up. Boom!









This is when Derrick and I are eating our evening quac and chips together and I come back for the last bite........and it's gone.










This is when I accomplish the great feat of parking Derrick's Subaru in the garage without ramming into our garage stairs. Complete with mom-fist pump!



Until next time...........I love you all!

42 years later

42 years later

Dear Dad.....

Dear Dad.....