Happy Fourth of July / by Shannon Heick

This morning I quietly snuck into my digital vault  to find some great Fourth of July photos from over the years. I figured I should share and help all of us get into the spirit a little bit more! Because all those fireworks going off in your dreams last night, maybe weren't quite enough!  Haha! Well, I'm not sure if I will make it out of the vault alive today. All of the photos of my babies really got me all sentimental. And now I have this intense urge to go and organize all those photos! Gahhhh, help me now. I must fight the urge!  There are too many fourth of july pintrest projects to pin, avacado salads to make and gorge on, smoke bombs to set off,and sparkler photos to attempt!

Well, enjoy the day and weekend, everyone! Be safe, be smart. Wear your life preservers. Be careful around those fireworks! And thank the service men and women when you see them today! I love you all!

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