Blazin' Beckett {Chapter Two}

Blazin' Beckett {Chapter Two}

Chapter Two. {It Was a'Simmerin!}

In case you aren't caught up on this series, you can find {The Prolouge} HERE and {Chapter One} HERE.

Where we last left off, we were returning from the hospital, not with our baby but with our 2nd baby's gallon of whole milk. The third baby was still all shoved up in my baby cooker. But what we would soon find out was that baby cooker was about to blow it's lid!

So, here's the slightly shorter version of what happened at the hospital:
We waltzed in there at midnight that night, ready to get the party started. And apparently, I walked a little to brisk and with a little too much of a spring in my step. Because the nurses that saw me walk said they could barely tell I was pregnant from the front (with my black,cotton, button up, tie in the front, super cute, from Target maternity trench coat jacket). They said, normally when a girl is in labor she walks in waddling. And I was just walking normal I guess. Sheesh. Sorry. I didn't know that was  rule here.
Any who, I knew I was gonna have that against me when the nurse had to call the doctor.


And for those of you who don't know how this goes, let me educate you a bit.

You go into the labor. Or you think you might be going into labor. You to the hospital. Straight to Labor and Delivery. You do not pass go. You do not collect $200. You just go. get up there. You tell them you are there. A nurse takes you back to the "triage room". You de-robe. You strap on a super tight elastic horrific looking band all over your belly. They shove a heart monitor in between it and your ginormous belly. They throw you up on a bed. They turn on your TV. And they leave you there like a beached whale gasping for air. FOR AN HOUR.

Ok, I forgot to mention, they do let you put on a super flattering hospital gown. Good thing!
So, they do come back and check on your from time to time but for the most part. The point of the"triage room"  is this: Check Cervix | Monitor your contractions | Check cervix after an hour for any changes     Then they call the doctor and report the information and I'm guessing they report your state of mind and how you are acting. Like:
A. are you screaming and acting like you are dying of pain.
B. are you just chilled out in the bed watching a little Kate and Prince Charming get married biography on A&E with your husband. Apparently, the latter of the two, is not the way to prove you are in labor.
And we did do that. We watched Prince Charming and pretty little Kate Middleton's love story. And I contracted and grabbed the bars and tossed and turned but I watched the dang show and I liked it. So sue me.

After an hour, although I was contracting......THEY.SENT.ME.HOME.

The good ol cervix hadn't changed enough I guess. Clearly, I wasn't very good at proving to them that I was in labor.
But I was. Oh yes, I sure was. Let's just say the lid was a'simmerin!

So, we packed up and headed back for home, wondering what the deuce just happened. And what we were supposed to do next. I guess it was getting time for Derrick to roll up his sleeves and snap on some latex gloves.

{Later we would joke that maybe Derrick should always keep a spare pair in the Subaru...just in case}
So we rode off into the dead of night, let's say around 2am, and headed back for our home front. And on the way, Derrick suggested that we stopped at our favorite local grocery store to grab Chase his beloved milk for the morning. You see,were out of milk and one of the big things we were worried about when we left my brother to sleep on our couch and be there in the morning to help the boys was......." Oh No! Chase is out of milk!!! What will Aaron do!" It's  not a pretty sight to see Chase out of milk. So. we. stopped.

Derrick actually asked me if I wanted to go in with him.

And while it sounded oh so tempting to labor in a grocery store. I passed on the invite and rocked out my contractions in the car.

Back home we came. Sent the brother home because he is only 5 minutes away. And off to bed we went. Correction. Off to bed Derrick went.

In the next Chapter we will cover a couple of how-to-manuals, called Laboring At Home for Dummies and What To Do when the Lid Blows off the Cooker!  

 In the meantime, let's enjoy a few more shots of Beckett's first days of getting loved on.

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Fargo Newborn Photography

Fargo Newborn Photography

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