Fargo Newborn Photography

Ok, so before we get to the good stuff......a few business items to take care of with y'all. You may (or may not) have noticed that my website title changed from www.ordinarysuperheros.com to www.shannonheick.com. Did you notice? You didn't? That's cool. We are cool. I am not cool. You are though. Ok? So, you may be wondering? What's with your "changing your website title yearly" deal? Again, maybe you aren't. But, if you are....it just seemed a bit easier to go by my name these days. Like, I sort of feel like I was confusing you all with "Ordinary Superheros". Perhaps the reason I may or may not confuse others is because I confuse myself? And it's entirely possible this is due to the fact that I live most of my hours confined in a minivan with three young boys who throw spit balls at me. Oh, and that hairy, 80lb co-pilot (Goldendoodle) who always has pizza on his breath. My pizza, by the way. He always goes after my slice. He must think, "oohhhh Moms...they don't need to eat. Moms can eat when they are 80. You're right, Maverick. Just eat my friken' pizza. Did I mention the lack of sleep? And the copious amounts of coffee? Nevermind.

Anyway, so I changed the website name. No biggie. Just remember to bookmark ShannonHeick.com now. It's ok if you are like me and your short-term memory went "out with the bathwater". Or what we could more aptly call"out with the amniotic fluid". Anyway, you will be re-directed straight to shannonheick.com if you accidentally keep going to ordinarysuperheros.com. For a while, that is. This kind of makes me laugh if you do keep going to my old site name. It kind of reminds me when Derrick and I are in the car and driving on one of the main veins in our little town. Whenever a new restauraunt pops up, I note it to him. And then, like, fort-seven subsequent times later, I mention it again. And again. In a really excited way, like we had never talked about it. Isn't that funny? Okay, maybe not. Pass the fish-oil please.

Seriously now. It's time to get to the good stuff. The main reason for this post! A few weeks back, I had our sweet neighbors over to photograph their brand new little girl. I just have to say, I so enjoy photographing newborns! And I love welcoming families into my home, to my little home studio. It's so fun! Who doesn't need some sweet,newborn sweetness for their weekend? I do. You do. We all do. Here you go! You are welcome.








Come back around soon. I promise I will be posting more. My one month break from blogging while I "figured out my website crap" was not fun. I guarantee I would much rather be posting beautiful photos and telling you stories about my goofy Goldendoodle. Good news though, I am back! And I have lots of posts on the docket. Coming soon, I have a few adorable family sessions to share. I can't tell you how I adore photographing you all! Bopping around town with you, finding cool locations, getting to know your kiddos, and capturing YOU....is such.a.blessing. I just love it! My calendar is filling up fast for the fall so don't forget to send me a message if you want to book something! I offer ridiculously good prices,digital files, and a promise of photos you will cherish forever! Love you! Happy Weeeknd!