Back to School 2014

Back to School 2014

Oh my goodness! How did this happen? Summer went by us like a whipping wind and it was just the best ride!  I totally loved it! Our new neighborhood and awesome neighbors, lots of trips around our amazing state, the kids injesting copious amounts of icees, and 2/3rds of my babies learning to swim! With the whirlwind of  "back to school" and activities, I got a little behind with the phenomena of all of us love-struck parents plastering our kids photos all over Facebook on the actual first day of school. So, these photos happened within the last few weeks. And I'm just catching up now. And that's ok!

Here goes Leighton. Off to first grade! He is excelling once again and loving going to school each day! He has been given the great task of being the class messenger to carry messages back and forth from his class to the office. Makes his mommy and daddy proud, for sure! What a cutie!


Here is Chase. One more year of PreK for this guy! He is "ok" with being in preschool and is emerging as the class leader! This boy just has personality flowing out of his pores! I love that when he grows up he wants to be a "cop that's a power ranger" and a dad!


My baby. First year at preschool makes his mommy a teeny bit sappy, but not much. He is loving it so much, I just can't hold him back. Two half-days a week for Preschool is a perfect fit for him and our family!  We will still be getting plenty of snuggle time when we are home together. I can't believe he is three! I might go cry now for a bit. DSC_7200

Ok, so seriously. Maverick. He insisted on being in all the boys photos. But this is what he did to me. This what he always does to me! He refuses to look at my camera. He just sticks his big wet, snotty nose up in the air and tilts his head back. No matter what I say or do to get him to look, he just refuses. Stubborn as a mule that one. If he wasn't 100% Goldendoodle, I would swear he was part mule. I think I will go put him in a headlock now.


Here they go! We switched to a new Preschool this year and we are LOVING it so far! We sure do miss our old preschool, teachers and especially my community of moms. I will miss seeing all of you every day for drop off and pick up. We had lots of  quick daily chats, prayer requests and updates, workout or coffee date plans made, smiles and waves, and just good old fashion community. It takes a village!  I pray I can make some of the same type of connections in our new school! DSC_7228

I love how he posed for me once we got inside! He's all ready to go! I got this, Mom!

DSC_7239 Getting their letters going! Chase loves the glove eraser! DSC_7237  DSC_7236

Oh my goodness! This photo couldn't say it better. This is them. Our great big blessing from the Lord, right there. Getting their wings. Growing up. Still love crawling up on our laps for a book or a back scratch. But, going out into the world. They know whose they are. They know that God goes before them and their mother prays hard after them. DSC_7225

Happy Back to School 2014!

Fargo Moorhead Childrens Photographer

Fargo Moorhead Childrens Photographer

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