Fargo Moorhead Childrens Photographer

This furry GoldenDoodle wants to introduce you to her awesome family. She has a soft spot in my heart. First of all, her name is Scarlet! How adorable is that?! Her family has also watched our Maverick for us in the past. And Maverick, well, he just has a special way of working his way into people's hearts. So,  after a few weekends with Maverick, they decided to add a GoldenDoodle to their own family. And boy, how adorable she? !You can't go wrong with a GoldenDoodle people! This is the best dog on the planet. Paws down!  (Just hide your pizza...that's all I will say about that-for now). DSC_8379

I had such a great time photographing this sweet family! The kids are amazing and well, how awesome is this photo!?! I'm pretty sure this photo could go in a magazine somewhere! Thanks to the Frostlie family for such a fun afternoon!

DSC_7878 DSC_7920 DSC_8076 DSC_8043 DSC_8005 DSC_8144 DSC_8221 DSC_8254