How to cut a Golden Doodle- kid style.

The other day I set the kids up with some crafting supplies. I got them started painting, dobbing, cutting, gluing googly eyes and pom poms. "Ha ha, that should keep them busy"....I thought to myself, even fist pumping out of the room. I'm so sly like that. "Now......(long deep breath) I can I sit down at my computer to edit a few photos," I thought to myself. I edited away and listened to them go about their business in the other room. Aren't those conversations just the best when they don't know you are listening?! I love them. Not too long into my editing...wait, who am I kidding. I probably hadn't even started. I probably scrolled through Facebook first, got sidetracked by an ad for an awesome asymmetrical zipping, cowl-neck grey hoodie and never made it to my editing. I don't remember. Does that ever happen to you? Getting sidetracked by Facebook, I mean.

Anyway, I came out of the room because I was a little suspicious about the level of giggling mixed with "shhhhhh, don't let Mom hear us" type of remarks. And here is what I found. 2 boys, 2 pairs of craft scissors and one strangely compliant Golden Doodle. Do you see the trail of hair leading back to the dining room? Yeah, so they gave Maverick his fall haircut apparently. And he liked it apparently. Maybe this is why all the groomers he has ever had just rave about him when they are done.


So, option one was to get mad. But, that didn't seem very fun. I picked option two and decided to join in the fun and cut Maverick's stinky, food-crusted jowls. I swear this dog has some breath that could slay a baby elephant with just one puff! And we all know by now that most of the grotty breath factor comes from the smashed  Toaster strudel, pizza slices, butter and cupcakes left in his mouth hair.  I had to photo him here because it was just so funny how much he was ok with me bringing a scissors right next to his lip. Plus, he looks hilarious. IMG_5181

Here he is when it was all over. Doesn't he look great! I wish I had taken a before and after. Before, you could not see his eyes. After, well, he looks much more animated and cute. Which goes a long way for him when I get mad at him for lapping up my coffee when I'm not looking.

IMG_5179 Well, that's about all for now. I figured everyone could use a hump-day pick-me-up  blog today. Happy Wednesday friends!