8 Reasons to Still Send Christmas Cards

8 Reasons to Still Send Christmas Cards

So, let's just get something straight.  This was our Christmas card this year. I loved it! Perfect mix of joy and whimsey and real expressions from my guys. But.....there is  a but. DSC_8609

Christmas cards are not reality. They are a fake version of our love. Don't get me wrong here. I love the primped up, sweet, cute, perfectly done Christmas cards that you all send me.  I have sent them and will continue to send them. My heart explodes when I mail out our cards each year. It's a beautiful announcement to our world that we adore our kids, we once again decided to keep them, and we are proud of them! I get it. I am that.

I do get afraid of something though. I fear that when parents see each other's amazing cards, we start to compare and think, "oh, she has it all together....her kids don't have boogers on their faces in their cards, her kids aren't ripping each other's hair out in the pictures....her kids have the BEST clothes and I'm sure she scores them all for this amazing deal online while in her sleep.....she's that good....in other words.....i'm not. that good." You know I'm sure there a million versions of this floating around in people's heads. We tend to do silly stuff like that. Compare. Contrast. Think hers is better than mine. Parenting does that to a person. It's a yucky feeling to have come over you. But, it's usually based on non-reality.

So, in honor of fighting that mentality, I want you all to see the reality of our cards. These were bad. Oh so bad. They were not even worthy of even sort of being on a card. Like, you know, how somehow the bloopers actually end up being your favorites. The real silly, goofy fun you had taking your pictures. Well, this, my friends, was not that. Let me show you.

1.  Kid 3 looks great....minus the bag of skittles....why the heck does he have a bag of skittles? Do I have no control in my own home? No, of course not. This is reality, remember. Kid 1.....well, he looks less than enthused. And then there is Kid 2. He's just missing all together.

DSC_85292.  Now kid 3 is like, "hey mom, you want me to go get Kid 2? i got this, lady". DSC_8534 3. Cute. This was cute. Still no Kid 2.

DSC_85374. There we go! There he is! Kid 2 has arrived on the scene. However..... DSC_8538as you can see, he is having some issues here with mom's plan. DSC_8548 5. Oh my goodness, this is tragic. DSC_8554 6. But....we are turning it around....sortof. This one isn't bad at all. Just really fake. DSC_8565

7. More faking. I actually find this picture pretty adorable. Just not quite mail worthy. DSC_8556_1

8. And here we have moved to some strange form of constipation. I need to put an end to this.  DSC_8579

So, I decided. Screw it. Screw mom's plans. Which is somewhat typical when it comes to me taking photos of my kids. And I get it. I'm used to it. I'm flexible. And honestly, I love these photos. I'm glad this happened. That's usually how all my photos work out. It reminds me of who we really are and the life we really live.  I adore who we really are.

Finally, I waved the white flag and  decided to stop barking orders about how to sit/squat/smile/lean/angle/bribe with more candy/threaten and guilt them.....and said, "that's it.....i'm tying you all up....in Christmas lights!"

And they thought that was great! So, that's what worked. That's what turned this Christmas card adventure from a total crank-fest  into a total win. Look at that #2 now. He knows he's a stinker.


Peace on Earth. That's what this was. For a fleeting moment. peacecard

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