Beckett's Dinosaur Birthday Party

Oh my lanta! How did this happen? My baby boy is turning 4 in a bit over a week. What the what?! How does this wonderful crap happen so fast?! It was literally just a wee bit of time ago that I was on all fours,  panting and ripping my clothes off in the Subaru trying not to birth him on Derrick's passenger seat! If you are new to this blog, that little story there has it's very own blog series over HERE. I'm still in shock from that, much less the fact that he has gone from a little burrito baby attached to my hip and/or boob into this wonderful little growing , spunky and sweet boy. Who completely adores his mommy might I add. Fist pump! Well, in honor of his upcoming 4th birthday celebration, for which I HAVE NOT PLANNED YET , I thought I would distract you from my current motherhood party plannings failings by showing you the fun photos I captured from last years party. Yes, last years party. As in one year ago. I literally have done nothing with these freaking adorable photos until just today! If you think YOU need to "get it together" as a mother then just stop on over to my house and I will pull up the 27,485 photos that I haven't "organized yet".......the photo books that aren't done and my drawers. Oh heavenly father. My drawers.  Complete disaster.  Anyway......please just know it's cool if you are "behind in life" because we all are. It's all good!

Back to the one year ago party. It turned out pretty sweet!  When I look at these photos I almost just have a love heart attack. His little friends. His little faces. It seriously messes me up.  The hats were my favorite part of getting ready for this party. They were easy and cheap to make and that's my party planning love language right there. It was actually fun to pull these up a year later and re-live these moments a little. So, I may not have it all together in the area of prompt blog posts/photo editing and sharing but I sure do know that I have the sweetest little almost four year old on this planet. And he's ours. The one who will soon be opening his gifts is the gift we keep opening every day for as long as ever. Love you, my sweet baby Beckett!

Love, Mom.

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