Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Oh my goodness! I can't even tell you how crazy excited I get when we have a birthday around this house. Some might think I may take it a bit over the top with all the sprinkles and balloons,  sneaky surprises, pancakes, whipped topping and themed birthday parties! But I just say, what is NOT to be excited about?! It's the ONE DAY out of the 365 where we stop and go-Heyyyyyy!!!! I was born!!!!! God plopped me down here on this planet for a purpose with these people and this community and these friends and these neighbors! Heeeyyyyyyy! AND guess what?  I AM STILL HERE! I MADE IT! ONE MORE YEAR!  In a sense, you are saying................I'm baaaaaaack! Let's make this year even better than the last one!  I want my boys to grow up being EXCITED about every new year and heck, every new day! Because, really, the here and now...... that is all we have for sure. So, we go big for Birthdays at our house. Once again, Beckett woke up to balloons strewn about his room. DSC_6892

While he was groggily waking up and stumbling through his balloon fiesta, he had no idea what was lurking in the kitchen.

IMG_5309 And who was lurking. DSC_6894

So......yeah......this happened. He actually wasn't happy. :( Whoops! Sorry big guy! I guess four isn't quite the age where it is fun to be pelted on the mostly naked body and face with silly string. Especially when you are still wiping eye boogers out of your eyes. Who knew?


With a little coaxing, we got him into it. IMG_5329 Of course, giving him his own can of silly string ended up being the ticket to his smiles. DSC_6911

Chase, I love your hair. DSC_6926

It was messy. DSC_6905 Ball O' Silly String. IMG_5334

And then we hopped up to the table to present some more birthday pancake goodness. Of course, sprinkles and whipped topping. Go big or go home.

DSC_6934  This is the calm before the storm, my friends. DSC_6935  Here we go! DSC_6938


DSC_6939Oh, this just gets me! I want this blown up on his wall STAT! IMG_5367 DSC_6940  And in a heartbeat, the tides can turn. Enter an unwanted kiss from your big brother.

DSC_6944  And a can of whipping cream in the middle.....


And we get an uphappy moment.

DSC_6947  But....whipped cream in the face always turns the world right again. DSC_6950  DSC_6951  And this boy just always has a plan brewing. DSC_6957  Now what, Mom?DSC_6958   The aftermath of the pancake stack. I'm pretty sure Maverick stole this off the counter later. DSC_6962  Then we headed over to the park to meet some sweet friends to play and dig in to some frosting and candy fun! DSC_6972  Oh my goodness, they are all too sweet. These moments must be frozen and imprinted on my heart. These smiles. These sweet kids.DSC_6980  DSC_6991 DSC_6993  Pinata fun! DSC_6997  It didn't last very long when this little slugger took after it! DSC_7001  I loved watching them help him open his presents! DSC_7014


DSC_7019  These two. They have been scheming together now for almost six years strong. I can only imagine what kind of things they will come up with ten from now. DSC_7024 DSC_6943

 Well, Happy Birthday my sweet boy! You came blazing into this world four years ago and I have never been the same in the very best way! Your snuggles are out of this world. The way you skip around the house. When you put your hand in your pocket and lean against a wall like you are 4 going on 40.  How you love love love being with me ALL the time.  You are a momma's boy! How you play with your big brothers and hold your own. You have developed a happy scream/squeal that puts such a smile on my heart. On the other side of the coin, you have also developed a real, real nasty scream that makes us want to slap your mouth right off your face. We love you for that passion, boy! Most of the time. :) You love playing board games and painting and play dough. You love baking with me. You love Jesus!!!! When your daddy gets home from work, you drop everything and run and hide from him. When he finds you, you squeal and hug and kiss his face off! Ohhhh, your kisses. Sometimes you give me 47 kisses in a row. You get going and it's amazing. At first. And then I end up pushing you away (gently) because you slobber. And sometimes you add a lick in there. Wow, you are a boy who blazes and lights everyone's heart just a little bit on fire in the very best of way! Love you, baby-cakes! Keep being just who you are, ok?! Promise, me! I love you sooooo much! Keep finding God in everything ok?
Love, Mom
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