Fargo Birth Photography | Beau | Shannon Heick Photographer

Fargo Birth Photography | Beau | Shannon Heick Photographer

mir·a·cle: an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God. (Merriam-Webster). Let me tell you about a miracle. He goes name of Beau. They didn't know that at first though.

At first, all they knew was they were finally expecting. Again. After two gut-wrenching miscarriages. When a baby is what you have prayed for and you instead enter and re-enter the strange and mysterious world of miscarriage, it shakes you. I know this enough.  It makes you cling to your faith or remove your faith. For some, it's just a weird type of fine. For Kelsie and Aaron, it was two more reasons to believe and hope and cling and ask and believe again.

I don't know what the third pregnancy test was like for her. It might have been excitement. It might have very well been fear. What if? Again? We can't do it again. I imagine for some it's like that. I wonder if Kelsie had some type of peace with the test that introduced her to the very beginnings of her little Beau?

I'm sure the excitement filled up their hearts slowly as the weeks progressed and the appointments showed a healthy, growing baby.

Until that one appointment. The 20 week mark. The one that is supposed to be filled with joy and elation because of the little movements you see on the screen.

Calcification. That's what the Dr said. A spot in the heart. Off to Minneapolis for a consultation.

Joy-filled anticipation turns quickly sour. Fear, dismay, confusion, anxiety.

The next visit reveals a mistake. The calcification on the heart was a misreading but now a new doctor with new credentials comes in.


Now instead of heart, they are talking about brain. An abnormality where the brain wasn't divided into two hemispheres like it is supposed to. They were told, as the baby develops, it would likely get worse. Not better.  Learning disabilities, deformities, deaf, blind, seizure disorder. All possibilities.  Prepare for anything. He may not even live past the delivery.

I imagined it seemed impossible to hear this news.

What I have learned of God, and what Kelsie and Aaron know so well, is that impossible is where God shows his hand.

This is where faith and the community of believers is critical. Kelsie and Aaron were so wise to grab on to their faith, and then reach out to so many prayer warriors in their circle of friends and family. I know this baby was prayed for something fierce. Is it possible that prayer could change an outcome?

So they waited. And hoped and believed.

29 weeks. Another MRI. Oh the anxiety.

This one showed that the brain was now normal.

What? Wait, what? Normal?

Not quite.

The ultrasound that same day was still showing an abnormality.

The doctors aren't sure what this means. Maybe just a slight disability?

More waiting.  Some relief. Praying still. Hoping still. Believing still.

33 weeks.

Another ultrasound.

And then it happens. The abnormality that they had been seeing is simply gone.

Nothing more than an artifact.

An artifact. Which in science is essentially a confusing misreading.

I think God has another word for this so called "artifact"......I think he calls it a miracle.

This baby is looking like he is going to completely normal! Praise the Lord!

So, I got the call that she was getting close and I hurried my excited self down to the hospital. This was my first birth photography experience. I have photographed after a birth several times. My own included.

Never before. Never during.

It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. Worship music played the entire time.  The medical team was awesome. It was really peaceful. I am so honored and grateful they allowed me to witness this gift with them.

I could go on and on telling you about how amazing and exciting this was. How if you EVER get the opportunity to assist in, support in, photograph, witness or pray through a birth.....don't you dare turn that miracle down.

Now, without further adieu......

Let me introduce you to a miracle. He goes by the name of Beau.

And this is his birth photo story.

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