Fargo Family Photographer | Matthaei | Shannon Heick Photographer

Another wonderful session  at the Orchard with a simply awesome family ! These photos are so beautiful to me. What a treasure......to capture these moments together with your family, in God's awesome masterpiece that is nature.   We really had the perfect evening for these photos, and for that I am thankful. My oldest came along to help out and he had a blast as well! I half want to cry that he is getting big enough to help me, and then another part of me is like, FINALLY...I can get some free labor out of this kid. Lol. He really loves it and was beaming after our session. Of course, part of that may be because the little girl asked him if he wanted to hold hands. Hahaha! This family is so fun to be around and so easy going. We really had a blast! Thank you, Crystal and family for asking me to capture your lovely. Happy Summer friends! I hope to see you soon with your little loves to capture all their sweetness!

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