Fourth of July Photo Story

Fourth of July Photo Story

Hello friends! It's time for a Fourth of July photo story! I love capturing the moments and freezing them in time and space. But, what I love even more, is the entire process of having them go from inside my camera all the way out to my blog and really, to the world. I think what I love most about it, is turning the photos into a story. Making even more meaning out of a photo with words is my favorite. I find this to be the same for my work for my photography clients. While I love meeting you out in our amazing community and spending an hour or so together capturing the moments, I am even more in love with loading your photos.....picking them out and telling the story of you and your family at this one moment in time. The moments we won't get back. But the photos of the moments are forever. I love telling a story with photos! I love telling your story with photos. So, here we go. This our 2016 Fourth of July Photo Story.

On the drive out to the lake, this is Beckett saying....."I didn't eat any powdered sugar doughnuts, Mom.....what are you taking about?"


Sand toys and lake views plenty.


It doesn't take the kids too long before they are doing backwards dives into the cool lake water. IMG_8916

On my Instagram, I captioned this photo "what I love about summer is you"


This seems even better for that caption now that I scroll down. Oh my goodness....puffy heart emoji anyone?


This kid. All sorts of spunky and sweet.


Just digging for clam shells and all. DSC_2158

She caught one! DSC_2174  See, auntie Shannon. DSC_2157

So Tim McGraw wrote this super hit this last year called Humble and Kind. And here he is.


Grandpa Darrel. Always relishing in any moment he can spend with his grandchildren and his very own big kids.

DSC_2179I love this photo.

DSC_2184  Oh, Alice. Yes.  Whatever you want from your auntie,  the answer will always be yes.


Alice got to jump in the boat and give orders to her captains.


Here we go.......


As my dad used to sing, whilst clapping and entering my room to wake me up at 6am each morning...."let's get ready to rumble!"


Fireworks on the beach isn't so terrible.


It's fairly epic, really. IMG_9105

Alice is slaying her smoke bombs. IMG_9094

All the kids. All the smiles.


My bro-in-law is elusive to almost every camera that gets in his vicinity but I snagged this awesome shot! Yay!!!! Love that guy!

IMG_8967 Artistic sparkler photos are a must.  IMG_9300 Chase walks around the beach like he is the boss of the fireworks show. IMG_9150

Awe. I love snapping the In-Between moments. IMG_9129   Like I said about Chase earlier.....he's got this. IMG_9120

One of my favorite photos of the weekend.


Or this. What a fun beach memory to watch these guys fly over us, waving all the way. IMG_9264

Back home on the actual holiday, Chase is back to running the show. DSC_2437

A storm rolled in. It was pretty cool looking. And scary.



{After the storm}


When I see these glorious sunsets, I am always in awe. Right around the time I was contemplating what to write about this photo, I stumbled upon this little gem in the book of Job. It's quite fitting.  [Job 38:15 MSG} “Job, are you listening? Have you noticed all this? Stop in your tracks!  Take in God’s miracle-wonders! Do you have any idea how God does it all, how he makes bright lightning from dark storms, How he piles up the cumulus clouds—all these miracle-wonders of a perfect Mind? Why, you don’t even know how to keep cool on a sweltering hot day, So how could you even dream of making a dent in that hot-tin-roof sky?

"how could you even dream of making a dent in that hot-tin-roof sky?" I love how he calls it a hot-tin-roof-sky!!!! What perfect words. What truth. The bible just slays me so good.

After riding around on my bike with both cameras, capturing sunset and rainbow photos.....we headed over to the neighbors backyard. Did I ever tell you that we have the best neighborhood ever! I swear. The families that live in our little block are just THE NICEST people ever. We are hashtag blessed. LOL.   So, we pulled up a few camping chairs for Nate's backyard spectacle. He really snagged some nice fireworks this year. We had a blast! :)


Just scroll down to see what I mean.  IMG_9448  IMG_9386  IMG_9446  DSC_2488  DSC_2475

The view from the backyard show wasn't bad either. The entire area where we live was just surrounded in awesome fireworks. I have been in town several years for the displays but I have never seen something quite like this year. Something magical was in the air. DSC_2522  DSC_2528  DSC_2548

After the backyard show was done, the guys had to light the sparklers some how. DSC_2553

Derrick was passing them out like a boss. As usual. DSC_2579

More pretty fireworks bokeh.  DSC_2506  DSC_2505 We ended the night back over on our patio and finished up with  a nice long-distance view of the show downtown. Just L and I getting in a little fireworks patio date while the rest of the house passed out from exhaustion. IMG_9526


What a wonderful weekend and magical 4th of July evening! I hope these photos made you smile. I also hope you are busy soaking up all of God's glory everywhere this summer. Happy Summering, friends!

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