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This shoot almost didn't happen. My sister-in-law and I had been going back and forth about when and and how and all the schedules and what to wear and all the things. It gets stressful for many families to get family photos. You have to find a photographer, {HELLO,ME} figure clothes out, get a date, work around North Dakota weather, and then deal with your kids. LOL! Trust me, I know about this. 

 We had an initial date set and then it just didn't work out and she said, "maybe we just won't do one this year". I could hear the sadness in her voice. But, I knew better. I knew we would make it happen.  God also knew better. He had a better date in mind. So, when a new evening opened up and enough things fell into place, we ran out into the great big, beautiful world and we took those family photos for Valerie! And boy, was it worth it. Check these out below and look at what happens at the bottom of this post! GLORY!!!! 

Wow, I am so glad I didn't believe her when she said, "maybe we just won't do them this year".  These were absolutely worth the juggling and the wait and the infamous "what to wear" question. These are priceless! 

Parents, hear me out. Don't ever believe yourself when you say, "It just won't work this year" or "maybe next year" or the famous, "maybe after i lose the weight". Those are just excuses and fear.  

Here is what you need to believe. Parents, you are doing an AMAZING job of raising your kids. Your kids are awesome! Just as they are. You are creating a masterpiece in them and in your family. It's time to carve out a little bit of time to celebrate that with a photoshoot!  This season, with those kids will only happen one time.  Waiting until next year isn't good enough.  Not with all the hard work you have been doing. Your deserve to see what you have been creating. Your story is a masterpiece and I want to capture it. 

I'll see you on the other side of my camera, 



October + cute little girls

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