Nakalele Blowhole.

Nakalele Blowhole.

I am so excited to bring a little slice of Maui over to my blog once again this week. Since we were up in the low 70s yesterday and woke up to snow this morning, it seems like the only recourse I can take is to post about heavenly Maui.

I have no idea how to properly be a "travel blogger", but I feel like one lives inside of me so I will take a stab at it today. :)  And, in the spirit of travel blogging, let me introduce you to one of the gems of Maui, the Nakalele Blowhole. Isn't she lovely? 

nakalele blowhole

Just mind yourself when you go near her. Like the famous line I give my kids, "don't mess with me".........mother nature offers a similar sentiment. 

The sign is really not a joke. There have been a few people literally sucked into the blowhole and never to be found again. The waves can be rouge and if you get too close, you can lose your footing and end up falling in. Just obey the sign. Stay dry and stay alive. :) That's my motherly advice. 

Now that we have covered safety, let's talk about how to get there. The blowhole is located on the northwest side of Maui. You will need to navigate some windy/cliffside turns to get there. I found one article that called this one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Yikes! That is enough to make my adventure anxiety kick in and leave me curled in a fetal position on the lanai. Rest assured, I put on my big girl panties and braved the trek. It turns out, the road wasn't nearly as bad as I read about and I didn't even freak out once!  Sure, I closed my eyes a few times, but that's small potatoes in light of what I am capable of in that passenger seat. Just ask my husband. :) 

north loop coastline road maui

Do you want some directions? While I'm no Siri or Alexa, I can tell you what we did.  You will drive up to Kapalua and continue on Honoapiilani Highway(Hwy 30).  Stay on that highway and you will arrive to the blowhole in about 20-30 minutes. Remember, hairpin curves people! There is no rush. I believe you stop at mile marker 38.5 for the shortest hike down to the blowhole. You should see a little dirt parking area off the side of the road. Park your car and get ready for a small and slightly challenging hike down the side of the hill. 

maui hiking

I would recommend good shoes, some water and a camera. We strapped the GoPro onto our oldest and I carried the Nikon. My husband always raises his eyebrow at me when I tell him I am bringing my $2800 camera on cliffs and oceans and lakes and stuff. But, come on, a girl has to be dangerous once in a while right! (literally, that's my version of danger people) 

 It was an amazing hike down the coastline and I freaked out only a handful of times. 

nakalele blowhole

As you can see in the next photo, I have learned that taking photos is a nice way to keep my mind thinking more about creating and less about creating pretend disaster scenarios in my anxiety-mom brain. You know the falling off of cliffs, kids getting eaten by sharks, or being sucked into blowholes. So, instead of those cognitive distortions, I keep a healthy amount of anxiety (a.k.a. safety) for my children and also shoot cool photos. Here is me seeing a cool shot. The rest of the family is like, "come on, mom". 

maui photography

And later, I'm like, "boo-ya kids.....while you were busy yelling at me for taking too many photographs, I was busy creating this awesome piece of work!" 

"And seriously, would you rather have me doing this or yelling at your every five seconds to remember not to fall off the cliff." Easy choice, I know. 

And down the side of the cliff we go! Look how cute they all are up there! 

Oh my goodness! The beauty on this little hike is just hard to put to words. That's why God made the people who made the camera you know. Seriously.  God did that. He knew his creation was just too good. So he made the camera inventor. And then he made all of us photographers who just have to shoot the feeling. His handiwork on display. 

This is the view when you get a little farther down the cliff. So maybe my adventure anxiety is starting to make a little sense to you. I mean, we are talking about navigating three, no four, fearless boys down a cliff with a raging ocean spewing up at you.  

Do they look scared? This is exactly why I need to remain a healthy level of scared my entire life. 

Arriving to the bottom makes the whole thing really, really worth it. 

The majesty of the ocean and the splendor of God's good handiwork. This photo makes me think of Psalm 95:5 -The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. 

Here is some footage I grabbed on my iphone. Notice that I say, "I wonder where the heart-rock is"? 

This photo of my boy taking it in is like giving my soul a direct shot of joy. 

maui attraction

Speaking of joy. Family selfie at the Nakalele Blowhole, baby. 

family photo maui

And now that we turned around to take the selfie, what is that I spy? Oh my, oh my, the famous heart rock formation right across from our selfie location. 

This heart shaped formation was probably my most sought after wonder on Maui. I discovered it on Instagram while I was planning our trip and I knew I just had to find it. What a wonderful thing to encounter!  Love carved out on a rock. By the sea itself. And who made the sea? That was God. And who is God? God is love. 

What a picture. 

Well, I think it's time to make our way back up the cliff. 

Ok, welp, that looks way worse than it did coming down! 

maui hiking

This is where I start hearing the narrator's voice from the old Discovery Show, "I Shouldn't Be Alive". 

But alas, there is Coconut Candy on the horizon.  What I learned is that can push my fears aside and advance up the cliff when there are toasted coconut cashews at the finish line! 

island snack stand

So, that ends our time together today at the Nakalele Blowhole. Check back soon as I intend to do a follow up blowhole post with some of my GoPro footage. Did you have any doubt that I would have so many photos and videos that I would need to do a "follow up post". Seriously, I've got issues. But you've got 'em too. See you next time! 

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