LEO + Family | Fargo In Home Lifestyle Photo Shoot |Shannon Heick Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing my past client, Heather & family in their own home. I love the feel of Lifestyle In Home Sessions!  

I was excited for a few reasons when Heather sent me a request for a photoshoot. One, I had photographed little Leo when he was One and I LOVE seeing the littles getting bigger, changing and growing into their little personalities. He was a pure joy to photograph! The other reason I was so excited for this session was because I have been wanting to move into the area of In-Home sessions! This was the perfect opportunity! 

Heather, the mom,  did a great job having little playing stations in mind when I got there. We got to play with Maui from Moana, puzzles, family movie party, trucks, a jumping on the bed party and much more! I love getting to engage with the littles and then sink back into the background with my camera and watch the magic unfold. I find that people are so much more relaxed when they are on their own turf. The littles are so excited to show you all their toys and everyone is much more at ease. 

Oh my heart, check out these photos below and if you want to do an In Home Session shoot me a message on the Contact Form below. Please ignore any thoughts that might pop in your head about why that wouldn't work. Things like......."my house isn't clean enough"......"i don't like my kitchen". None of those things matter. What matters is your and your family being together in your element and enjoying one another.

I photograph what matters. 

Click the Contact link below if you would like to set up an In Home Lifestyle Session. 

One Year Birthday Photoshoot | Miss Kinsley| Fargo Baby Photographer

One Year Birthday Photoshoot | Miss Kinsley| Fargo Baby Photographer