Luebke Family //One Pretty August Evening

Luebke Family //One Pretty August Evening

North Dakota Fall Family Photos 

Jennifer and I have known each other for quite a few years. We became instant friends when I approached her and we bonded over a really fun business idea. This sparked a passion in us and we had a TON OF FUN working closely together for several years helping other moms learn about wellness. I miss those days, Jennifer!!! ;)  She is a light of positivity and energy to all those around her. This is one of the many reasons I was so thrilled when she asked me once again to capture her drop-dead gorgeous family. I knew I was going to have so much fun with their awesome girls! Because the girls know me fairly well, I knew I could get away with all kinds of fart jokes. HA! 

We ventured out in the country one beautiful August night and had an absolute blast. I am pretty much pinching myself over these photos! I have been working hard all summer at improving my technical skills and learning new and innovative ways to use my camera and my computer. I have put in plenty of hours under these summer skies trying to figure out more and more about each shot I am taking and why. This reminds me of the quote...."never hope for it more than you work for it". I love that! I love inspiration and business and joy and hard work. And I want to bring all of that into my work as an artist....for you. I feel like I am finally getting in the direction I want to go with my photos! ;) 

Check these out and have a great day today! And if you haven't set up your fall photos yet it's time to do that now. My schedule is filling up but I am sure I can get you all in! :) Click the button at the bottom of this post and shoot me a message so I can put you on my list. We will connect and find the perfect time to have some fun and capture the spirit of your lovelies. See you soon! 

Fall Family Photos / West Fargo, North Dakota

Saville Family {Fargo Family Photographer}