Duluth Anniversary

Back in August, Derrick and I took a much needed getaway to the North Shore for our 12th anniversary. You guys, this was a long-time-coming! Our boys are our world, for sure,  but we needed a break from parenting. We are eternally grateful to Derrick's parents for taking them for us so we could have 5 blissful days to ourselves. It was so weird not to have our babes with us because we love taking them on adventures. But, at the same time, we kept looking at each other and going ....."shhhhhh, do you hear that........that silence......that is us regaining our sanity". Fist pump with us, parents! You know what we are talking about here!

We had such a blast hiking and galavanting around the North Shore of Minnesota. What a beautiful place! We spent two nights in the worlds tiniest tent, under the stars with a porta potty down by the lake in order to appease my husbands Grizzly Adams desires. To appease my clearly more glamorous style,  we then spent two nights in a cottage with a lakeside view, fireplace and jacuzzi tub. Thank the good Lord for showers, clean sheets and wifi! 

The following photos are just a few of the many hundreds of exposure I took. I have plenty of iphone footage and video but this post is reserved for my Nikon shots. Enjoy and have a great day, friends! 

Fall Leaves + Giggles + Races

Matthaei Family + Light + Love