Maui Beaches are Divine

I don't even know how to begin to describe to you the glory of the beaches of Maui. Even though we took this trip over a year ago, I am still reveling in the memories and the blissful feeling of that place. In fact, we are planning the next trip already and the kids can barely stand the wait! 

There is just something indescribable about the endless sea crashing into your feet while they are sinking into the wet sand of an island surrounded by countless miles of the deepest waters in the world. How can one be thousands of miles away from home and yet feel like this strange, new place is some sort of home, too?  How can one be so exposed to the unbounded waters of the enormous ocean and feel so safe and at ease?  Personally, I think what is happening here, is that we are soaking in the eternal rays of heaven. God is not short on metaphors, my friends. He uses them all over creation. When we wade into the ocean, we are wading into Grace. Endless. If grace is an ocean, we are all sinking.

When we stand at the edge of the beach, we face the limitless seas and skies. That feeling we get of awe and wonder when we turn our face to it, is like the feeling we get when we turn our hearts to God. Awe and wonder. The rainbow represents the promises of God. Those who land in Maui for the first time, will soon find out that those rainbow reminders get painted into the sky so often, it's almost hard to believe as they pop up over and over again, day after day, rainbow after rainbow. Promise after promise. 

I just can't wait to get back there. Until then, I will try to keep posting some of the amazing photos from around the island. For those of us who are in the throws of winter and sub-zero temperatures, I hope these photos warm your heart a bit. ;) Have a great week! 

In-Home Family Photo Shoot

Little girls + Pockets of Light // North Dakota Child Phototographer