Amazing yellow skirt

Prior to the big grand opening of the 2018 Fargo Cherry Blossom Sessions, I took my more than willing niece out to try out this new yellow skirt I bought for my photography dress trunk.  Isn't it fabulous?! I am dying over this skirt people!!! 

Don't you love that twirl and that skirt?! My girl Lyd, is so much fun to go out and photograph with! We are sort of kindred spirits when we get together and I am so thankful for our special bond. Nieces are so fun when you are a boy-mom!!! 

As you can see, she did a great job modeling the skirt and she did an even better job bringing the sass. She speaks my language for sure! 

Now back to the skirt! If any of you lovely ladies and mamas are wanting to do a session with me, I have to highly suggest that you consider wearing this skirt in your photoshoot! I bought it just for all of you and I am for sure planning to add more dresses and clothing to my trunk! 

See you soon!


Shannon Joy

Mama and the Boys Session | Fargo Photographer

You are magic.