Madeline Island

Madeline Island

Each summer we try to take the kids on an adventurous camping trip. This year we chose Madeline Island & Duluth (separate post). We camped at Big Bay Town Park and it was AMAZING!!!!! The campground was filled with awesome tall trees, great facilities, an amazing boardwalk and super fun beach area. 

Here are a few of my favorite memories. 

+The first time on the Madeline Island Ferry Line. 

+Adorable camping location

+A super generous local business owner (Holy Spirit Tours)  who let us use her kayaks FOR FREE. 

+Watching the boys take charge of stoking the much needed campfire. 

+Kayaking for the first time together on the cutest little bog next to Lake Superior. 

+Late night beach hike 

+Campsite bean bag toss 

+The wooded area off our campsite was essentially like the woods from Pete's Dragon. 

+Giant bubbles on the beach - thanks to the mom of the owner of the Holy Spirit Tour Guide Co. 

+ Chilly nights by the fire with the family (and later with just Derrick)

There were also bad moments of our camping trip. It is called Family Vacation after all. :) I hate focusing on negative things but in the service to being authentic,  I will share a few of those not-so-good moments. 

+ Fighting-  come on people, 3 boys who are each two years apart.

+ It was unusually cold on Madeline Island and it was pretty chilly during the nights. 

+ We didn't have our tent stakes when we arrived. 

+ We put our 2nd airbed in the wrong tub and it didn't make it on the journey with us. 

+ 5 people often have widely varying expectations of what we will do on our trip which leaves some disappointed at times. 

+My glamping tent lights didn't work the entire time and when I put them back in the tub when we packed up to leave, they turned on. Nice. 

+I accidentally peed in Derrick's shoe in the middle of the night. Yes, true story. ;) (a separate blog post might be needed for that one)

Overall, our trip was pretty amazing. Madeline Island is a gem. Family vacations are so important. The good and the bad. {Mostly good.}  For better or worse. That vow needs to extend to family vacations. :) 

Here are a few moments I captured. I adore each of them beyond words. 

Kevin + Heather { Fargo Maternity Photographer}

Kevin + Heather { Fargo Maternity Photographer}

Summer + Sno Cones

Summer + Sno Cones