Little Boys + Art + Sad Mushrooms // Fargo Photographer


Fargo Indoor Winter Photography 

Beckett was having a gloomy day one mid January sunny day. I think most of us can relate to that once in a while in January. So, I set him up a little table and a few simple art supplies and had him draw out his sadness.  Of course, as I knew in advance,  the lighting struck him and then it struck me. Sadness is real and it is okay. In order to get through our sadness, we have to NOT fix it BEFORE we feel it. That is how we heal it. I decided to photograph him to capture not only the pretty colors against the faded sun-soaked living room, but also to capture an honest moment of emotion as well. 

Gorgeous Light + Family Moments | Enger Family

Gorgeous Light + Family Moments | Enger Family

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