Welcome to Ordinary Superheros!!!! / by Shannon Heick


HELLO and WELCOME to Ordinary Superheros!!!!!  I'm so excited to launch this baby! And I'm so excited you are here!!!!  This new blog has been a long time in the making. It has included many a late night to get this puppy designed and up and running. While it isn't perfectly designed yet, I am ready to start blogging again! I have really missed it and do plan to spend more time on this timeless treasure for our family memory box. Be ready for lots of photos surrounded by crazy, silly, funny, and probably even sobering stories about parenthood and life. For those of you who are new to this blog, you can find where my photography and storytelling escapades all begin, over at a little ole' blog called Sweet Little Thing. Ordinary Superheros is a blog about parenting, life, faith, photography, DIY projects gone wrong, and how to make money working from home! I promise you this blog will be a lot of fun! The name of this blog is probably pretty clear. I'm a mom of three little boys who I swear flew out of the womb, superman style with fist pointed, cape attached and swords drawn! Check out the Blazin Beckett story for the back story on birthing superheroes. :) The title is also given because of you! If you are anything like me, you probably feel like you are "just" and ordinary parent, going through the motions, just getting by, trying to do your best.  I want this blog to challenge that way of thinking and to start helping you consider how much of a Superhero YOU ARE!!!! I think there is a superhero in all of us! Who else could do what you do for those kids? Notta, negative, no one! It's just you who can love on those kids in that special, unique way....and that should be celebrated!!!!! I want to start seeing more of the good and I want the same for you! I hope you can come here and feel relieved that you aren't the only who has contemplated hiding in the closet for a while.....or actually did it!  And I want your visit here to also leave you a bit more thankful for the life you have been given. :)

I am also extremely excited to be announcing a few new directions for my blogging. For starters, MiraBella Photography is making a comeback! I feel like we are at a point where I have a little bit more time freedom as the kids get older and can put a little bit of energy into this passion of mine. That being said, I have re-branded myself just a bit to along with this new multi-purpose blog site and will be now be known as the Momtographer.  Sort of like the artist formerly known as.....Prince....except not quite. :) Mainly, you can take the photographer out of the mom, but you can't take the mom outa nothin' that I do! So, the Momtographer was born. It's really who I am. Please feel free to email me at shannon@ordianarysuperheros.com or click over to the Momtographer page to get in touch and schedule a session.

Finally, I would like to introduce another new passion of mine! It's called the Momprenuer.  The Momprenuer is a place where I help moms and dads, just like me, discover a legitimate way to work from home. No MLM, party plan stuff. Just a real, reliable way to bring in a large income and still be the mom you really wish you could be.  We will also delve into the real-life, nitty gritty stuff that comes with the territory of being a "work at home mom". Head over to the Momprenuer page and fill out the form or shoot me an email at shannon@ordianarysuperheros.com to get the deets.

So, to get this blog party started, I thought I would introduce you to my very own three little Superheroes. They really are really the main reason for this blog. It wouldn't be unheard of for you to find them climbing, jumping, wearing capes, wielding swords, nunchucks, nerf guns, and rescuing princesses. Here they are in action last fall.

DSC_8774-2  DSC_8780-2  DSC_8798-2  DSC_8807-2   DSC_8821-2  DSC_8794-4


  Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!