My very first Vlog and an important question.

Wanna see my very first Vlog? I have been holding back for about a year from doing this fantastic vlog crap. It looks so fun! All the "bloggers" are doing it! But isn't it dorky? What will all my "real" friends think of me? So many questions, so little time.  Really, I had no choice in this scenario. I am in need of some help from some of my fellow piano-extrodainaires. And the only way to get the answer was to make a vlog.

If I were actually cool, my vlog would pop right up here on my blog. But I'm a WordPress freak of nature and can only figure out how to get you a link to YouTube. I'm sorry WordPress, I'm sorry blogging community. I'm sorry world.

In the meantime, watch me make a fool of myself here.

But then help me, please! Please tell me you can answer my question. Or perhaps you know someone who can. Forward this to them. You can pretend you don't really know me, if you prefer.


So, ladies and gents......what is this song?!!!