Cake Smash Photo Session

I had such a blast doing this cake smash session! Check out the cake this mama had made. I believe it was Hornbacher's Bakery who created this lovely cake and I hear they had some awesome customer service. Way to go guys! Baby's mama and I went shopping the day before for the fabric to make the adorable flag. She is a type-A, planner and when we met at the fabric store she nervously asked,  " have done this before...right?" And I am like, "ummmm no, but that's what google is for." Haha! I thought we had a pretty good time picking out our supplies! It was super cheap and even easier than it was cheap.  I whipped it up the following day in very little time. I think the entire DIY flag project cost me $11. I love that!!!!!  Maybe I will do a little DIY on here on how to make your own? Would you like that, blog friends? I promise you don't need any crafting skills to do this on your own! Moving on to the point of this session....the cute little baby girl and her first birthday cake. Her big sister also danced her way into some photos, too! Just loved how these turned out! ;) Check out what I scored at the end of these photos....I always accept tips in the form of heavily frosted desserts. :) Also, I'm starting to book up for the spring already so get in touch with me over on FB or email me at to book a sesh. I love photographing your families!

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