Newborn Photography

So, like yeah. Just in case you had completely decided to be done having kids and then wanted to lose your mind and get over-taken with baby fever and run and get yourself pregnant by your husband tonight....just keep reading this post and viewing these photos.  You are welcome! I am pretty sure I just got myself pregnant in my head by looking at these adorable photos. Except not. Derrick, husband, I promise I'm not pregnant! But I cant' say that I don't want to after these last three minutes of posting these completely adorable photos! Just sayin. My lips are movin....and they aint lyin,lyin,lyin.

Anywho........I was incredibly blessed to have one my sweet neighbors/dog-babysitters/friend/person I want to hang out with more because she is happy and awesome (that's you Karissa-thank you!) refer one of her pregnant co-workers to me to do their newborn photos this last December. This is what we came up with.

Now excuse me while I go start sewing some baby clothes and perusing craigslist for a crib to replace the one we sold because we quit having babies. I'll just be over here. Like having baby fever. Don't worry about me. Just enjoy these photos!

DSC_9402 DSC_9555 DSC_9613 DSC_9424 DSC_9651 DSC_9701 DSC_9722


Stay tuned for a blog post coming this week on how much flipping fun I had doing my very first workshop to women (who are totally my favorite people to do workshops for!) about having a Healthy MINDset and how to really get through the tough stuff and live joyfully! I had a freakin' blast! I waltzed out of there like, "ok.....whose next?!" "who wants me to come speak next!?".... Oh my word! What is wrong with me? I love speaking in front of people and telling the story of how I had a mental breakdown and peed in my minivan one lovely summer day! Anyway, yeah, just stay tuned for that. You know I took photos. Because that is what I do!

Have a great day my friend!