Giving the Gift of Photography

It's just that when you get that little sense inside you that you should do something. It might just be that........ (no, it IS) God nudging you to move. And there is just one thing I have learned about that, the God nudging you to move thing. You move. When God nudges. You just move. You will thank Him later. I did. When I heard about this little bundle, I knew I just had to go and give the gift of newborn photos. It wasn't just that it was nice. It was that God said to.  Remember that nudge?  The funny thing is, when you give a gift you often open yourself up to receiving a greater gift. And it never has to do with worldly currency. I received a greater gift that day.  It became clear in between our snuggles and photos that he is the real gift here. This little gift of life...... his name literally means "gift". I just got to be a teeny, tiny part of capturing a few of his most precious and earliest moments, through my lens. And through my heart. What a gift, indeed.

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